Gar Alperovitz’s “America Beyond Capitalism” with Ralph Nader, Ted Howard and John Cavanagh

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on Dec 8, 2011

this shop is controlled by its workers

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With Ralph Nader, Ted Howard and John Cavanagh

The Occupy movement now building around the country is a necessary and justified response to the outrages of a political-economic system that looks the other way as the top 1 percent runs off with almost a fourth of the nation’s income and more wealth than the bottom 90 percent taken together. The reality is that the challenge is systemic, not merely political.

If traditional reform is flagging, and “revolution” even less likely, what should the occupations around the country really get serious about?

Come to the release of Gar Alperovitz’s “America Beyond Capitalism,” a sweeping analysis of the emerging long-term pathways toward an evolutionary reconstruction of our economic system. Thousands of experiments across the country are building new forms of cooperative- and community-controlled economic institutions and quietly laying the groundwork for a transition away from capitalism, to a new system grounded in ecological sustainability, the democratization of wealth, and real democracy.

Book Launch for Gar Alperovitz’s America Beyond Capitalism at Busboys and Poets, 12/7/2011


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  16. The country needs to turn inward. We have the resources (natural gas) and we have the logistics on our side. By cutting back the aid that we presently send over seas, reducing the size of the military industrial complex and either switching to a value added tax system, one that eliminates all tax on all forms of income or a flat tax that would close all loopholes and insure that millionaires and corporations contribute. This country could and should come to full employment in 24 months.

    • Flat taxes and value added taxes hurt the poor people the most. It’s a regressive tax system. It’s time for a real tax for the rich, a Tobin’s tax that Nader and others have suggested.

      Natural gas is very polluting, especially to our water. Not a good idea at all.

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