O Little Town of Washington by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
Featured Writer
December 11, 2011

Photo by Brendan Hoffman

Image by Brendan Hoffman - Public Citizen via Flickr

(to the tune of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”)

O little town of Washington
How we still see thee lie.
Above thy bloody, corrupt work
The weeping stars go by.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The Everlasting Fear:
Of losing your most cushy job
In elections next year.

Your wealth is born of lobbying
And gathered in your funds,
To make sure you will have enough
To guarantee your runs,
For re-election’s upmost
In your most jaundiced eyes;
The needs and wants of citizens
Are what you most despise.

How silently, how silently
You fund the wars of choice,
Rejecting pleas for sanity
Constituents give voice.

And in your dark hearts shineth
The lusts of wealth and greed.
Lost in your quest for more and more,
Who cares what people need?

O corporate whores of Washington
On us all you do prey,
Ignoring what we ask of you
You serve Wall Street each day.
But time will come when citizens,
Fed up with how you’ve failed,
Will fill the streets and Congress’ suites
Until you’re finally jailed!

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