Hitchens vs. Hitchens – Christopher and Peter Hitchens Debate (2008)

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HauensteinCenteron Jun 15, 2011

Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens debate the Iraq War and religion.

April 3, 2008 – Brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens debate the Iraq War and religion at an event organized by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies with support from the Center for Inquiry and the Interfaith Dialogue Association.

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8 thoughts on “Hitchens vs. Hitchens – Christopher and Peter Hitchens Debate (2008)

  1. I wish I had been more aware of the Atheism community back then. At the time, I was only just starting to become aware of such books as “The God Delusion.” GVSU isn’t exactly all that far from me. I wish I could go back in time and be there. Now I’ll have no opportunity to hear him speak in person or to even actually meet the man.

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  5. Outstanding post, thanks. Great to see the whole debate (whew!)

    (Now if someone could quickly redeem the uncannily erudite elder Hitchens & convince us that his spectacular hawkishness, his brilliant outdoing of any army of neocons spinning preposterous justifications for the Iraq War, was merely another of his virtuosic portrayals of the ‘Devils Advocate’).

    Their divergent arguments on religion are both brilliant yet likely both wrong. Lacking empiracle proof, this sort of Aristotelian debate between Atheist vs. Believer results in the Agnostic who neither blindly affirms nor arrogantly denies.

    Peter might remind that societal authority (& personal responsibility for that matter, personal salvation notwithstanding) did not necessarily arise with Monotheism, nor is the posture of a divinely mandated morality necessarily a beneficial or effective device for getting society to ‘behave’.

    Christopher Hitchens quotes Hillel’s Golden Rule, also at the top of this page; A “Decent Rule” indeed.

    • AH — one of the best debates i have ever seen . i saw it when it first came out . could you imagine what dinner would have been like in that family growing up !

      basically , Peter is in what is called ”in dissent against dissent ” of the new atheism . And of course christopher is holding his own in what he thinks to be true about his new found jeffersonian imperialism ( oxymoron) .

      if you check out the joint interview with them on line they both agree that the issue of God is THE most important one. for christopher it has to do with ultimate tyranny , and for Peter it has to do with liberation from ultimate tyranny of the self , and wayward societys . both men are basically utopianistic , but great debaters.

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