Norman Finkelstein in conversation with Chris Hedges: Israel and Palestine

with Chris Hedges
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Dec. 14, 2011

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“There’s room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory.” — Aimè Cèsaire, Caribbean poet


Image by Cau Napoli via Flickr

Recorded at the James A. Little Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico on December 6, 2011.

Norman Finkelstein spoke about the occupation of Palestine in the context of the Arab Spring and developments regarding Palestine’s prospects for statehood and peace, and then engaged in an onstage conversation with Chris Hedges. This event was part of the Lannan In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series.

on Dec 30, 2011

Chris Hedges introduces Norman Finkelstein (1/5)






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Norman Finkelstein with Chris Hedges, Conversation, 6


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