Declaring an End to War by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
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Dandelion Salad
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January 5, 2012

End the Endless Wars!

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The Earth Council of Women declares the end to all wars of any kind: hot or cold, declared war on another country or people, undeclared war, military, cyberspace, space command, economic or psychological, and most certainly, planned wars, in particular, WWIII.

We demand:

1. Profit from wars must stop.

2. NATO must be disbanded.

3. Military bases must be closed.

4. War profiteers must be prosecuted and reparations paid.

5. The arms industry must be shut down and all factories and laboratories for production of any kinds of weapons, including those for chemical warfare, must be converted for the benefit of humanity instead of its destruction, or closed.

6. Military budgets must be frozen.

7. Mercenaries and politicians who’ve built careers on waging wars must find other employment or be imprisoned as a threat to humanity.

8. The practice of torture must end.

9. The militarization of economies must end.

10. Peace treaties must be signed to transition to cooperation with all people of the world instead.

11. Nuclear weapons and all weapons must be banned immediately.

The Earth Council of Women further declares that women will no longer sacrifice their sons or husbands to the practice of war. All forms of violence, coercion, and use of force must end. Women and children may no longer be abused in any way, shape or form. We are taking back our world so that love and peace may flourish.

January 6, 2012

Signed by:

(Collect signatures of all the women in your life and present to your local city council, state or provincial government, central government and the UN.)


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  1. Great declaration Ariel. We need to set out clear, trenchant demands like this to give opposition a focal point to rally to.

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