Meet Vermin Supreme 2012 Presidential Candidate + Meet The Lesser-Known Presidential Candidates Forum + Buddy Roemer: Iced Out of GOP Debate

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Alternative Presidential Candidates Talk

Manchester, New Hampshire
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lesser-known candidates of the 2012 presidential election participated last month in a forum hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College.

Thirty-five lesser-known candidates who filed with the Secretary of State for the 2012 New Hampshire Presidential Primary made opening statement and respond to questions.  They discussed and debated the economy, government regulations, energy and foreign policy.

New Hampshire will hold the nation’s first presidential primaries January 10, 2011 with 30 Republicans and 14 Democrats from 26 states on the ballot.

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Kanal von RamboSlice666 on Jan 7, 2012

January 04, 2012 C-SPAN

Meet Vermin Supreme 2012 Presidential Candidate


on Jan 6, 2012

Democracy Now! interviews Buddy Roemer, a candidate who is on the Republican ballot in New Hampshire, but has not been invited to this weekend’s two Republican debates — or any of the past 16 debates — even though he is a former governor of Louisiana and four-term member of Congress. Roemer’s campaign is unusual in the Republican field: He has refused to accept campaign contributions more than $100, rejected all donations from political action committees, and has made campaign finance the key plank in his platform. He has also endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement. “[President Obama] gets elected and he says he wants change, but he takes all his money from these same corporations who don’t want change,” Roemer says. “Special interests control Washington — I’ve been there.”

Buddy Roemer on Democracy Now!: Discusses Campaign and Being Iced Out of GOP Debate


on Jan 8, 2012

Daily activities of the Occupy Vermin Supreme movement for the 7th day of January 2012.

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mo’fo’ Re: Vermin
mo’fo’ Re: ONHP

Occupied Protest Pens of New Hampshire


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    • I so agree with that. Exclusion of candidates in the debates is undemocratic. The Democratic Party does the same thing. And in the General Election, all third-party candidates are excluded! Meanwhile the US invades other countries in order to bring “democracy”, what a joke.

      • They’re afraid, just as they were of Dennis kucinich.
        But now that Buddy has that 2% (over that Texan), maybe he’ll ‘qualify’. His stump speech in the DN interview is enchanting. God forbid there’d be some actual issues discussed at those absurd GOP debates.

        Vermin is a gas.

        • Would be nice to see Roemer in the debates. But like he said they will just change the percentage that qualifies for the debate(s) and the amount of money received.

          I’ve watched several of the recent Republican “debates” and the questions are rather pathetic.

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