Ralph Nader: Ron Paul and I agree on ending the empire

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Ralph Nader after the speech - Green Lecture

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with Ralph Nader

Washington Journal for Sunday
January 8, 2012

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate & Former Presidential Candidate

Topic:  Guest will discuss latest book, his thoughts on the current political landscape, the upcoming Presidential campaign, and prospects for a 3rd party candidate.


Ralph Nader on New Hampshire Primary – C-SPAN Video Library


January 08, 2012

watch via C-Span


Thomas Drake: These are the hallmarks of tyranny and despotism (must-see)

The Lion and the Ox: The Winter of Our Discontent By Gary Steven Corseri

Ron Paul and the Killing Machine By Mike Whitney + Ron Paul: Save Social Security by Cutting Spending

The Road to Twenty One Presidential Debates by Ralph Nader

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