Kevin Baker: Soldiers have real power when they organize

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Refuse Illegal War

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by Pulse TV & Maverick Media

Kevin Baker joined the Army fully believing that he would be supporting the U.S. as a real force for good, toppling a brutal dictator, and bringing democracy to the country. This is his story of how he came to awareness and how he and other soldiers joined together to stand up to the Brass and demand care for themselves.

It is an amazing story of a clear headed young soldier who is now a leader in the anti-war movement.

The Brass’ Biggest Fear: Soldiers Who Unite and Just Say “NO!”


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5 thoughts on “Kevin Baker: Soldiers have real power when they organize

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  3. But– we had so many ‘bring democracy’ before, never met a vietvet?

    Awesome idea, just pay off the insurgents, works for uprisings too…

    Amazing it takes the 3rd tour of comitting atrocities to refuse.

    Excellent post.

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