ESM-treaty Update By Rudo de Ruijter

By Rudo de Ruijter
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Independent researcher
February 8, 2012

A new version of the treaty has been signed on 2 February 2012. This time it was not a EU-treaty in which the EU illegally TAKES more powers (like I exposed in ESM, a coup d’etat in 17 countries), but an international treaty signed by official representatives of the countries (the ambassadors of CoRePrem), in which these countries GIVE more powers to the EU. (This was just away to avoid the conflict with article 48.6 of the Treaty of the EU, that says that the EU may change articles of the treaties as long as they don’t increase their powers.)

Here is the text of the new version: (if unavailable, here’s a copy)

As you can read, this new version is associated with another treaty, that is not ready yet:


It transfers many more powers to Brussels.

The signatories of the ESM now have promised to pay, but they won’t be able to benefit from it if they don’t sign this coming associated treaty.


The ESM must still be ratified by the national parliaments and as Brussels wants the treaty to be in force in July 2012 (in stead of July 2013 in the first version), the ratifications will take place very soon. (In the Netherlands probably in March.) That will probably be the last important decision of the national parliaments before they lose their supreme power over their country’s budget.

The treaty will be valid even without a 100% ratification! It is enough when countries detaining 90% of the shares have ratified it. (For the table of the shares, see for the annexe of the treaty.)

Apparently, just like for the first version of the treaty, the press has decided they should not inform the public. Probably they don’t want that their readers and audience get depressed. The result will be, that their will not be a lot of public debate (if any) before the national parliamentarians put an end to the sovereign democracies of the eurozone.

So to inform as many people as possible, the only way for the moment seems to be the internet and social media. Please be conscient of the stakes in play and help inform people in your own country as well as people you may know abroad.

For background information why the euro cannot work, see

Out of the euro, and then?

For an alternative for the sick bank- and money system, see

From state debt to state money

For ESM-issues, see

ESM, the new European dictator

ESM, a coup d’etat in 17 countries

English: (if unavailable, here’s a copy)

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Thank you in advance for your participation.

Kind greetings,
Rudo de Ruijter
Independent researcher


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