Bahrain: A Forgotten Arab Spring by Sean Fenley

by Sean Fenley
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Anything and Everything
February 12, 2012

Image by Al Jazeera English via Flickr

“This is about whether this council, during a time of sweeping change in the Middle East, will stand with peaceful protesters crying out for freedom, or with a regime of thugs with guns that tramples human dignity and human rights.” – Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN

Bahrain continues to undergo an uprising against the extremely authoritarian monarchy that enduringly, and unenlightenedly continues to rule that country. It is an Arab Spring, that we probably shouldn’t forget about or negate. We shouldn’t forget about this important Arab uprising, that is occurring within the homeland, and in fact the veritable stomping grounds of the US Naval Fifth Fleet. Indeed, the US corporate “mainstream” mass media has probably blacked out, this important Arab uprising of the majority Shia — of this iron-fisted Sunni Kingdom — for precisely this very reason.

While the United States has condemned Russia for its arms sales to Syria, it has not condemned its own “error” in continuing to arm the profoundly backward, and deeply retrograde Kingdom of Bahrain. And furthermore, the US has even — with a straight face — urged restraint in recent Bahraini protests, after it has already armed this vulgar, spiteful, uncouth, and indeed tyrannical Middle Eastern regime! So, now how’s that for after the fact/Monday morning quarterbacking!!? And as faint hisses can still be heard, from Susan Rice’s tantruming over the UN Russian Veto; US supplied guns and other munitions, are likely preparing to make short work of some Shia Bahraini protestors, in their recently erected Freedom Square.

After martial law was lifted in June of last year, tensions in the Kingdom of Bahrain did not fully dissipate or subside. Police continued to clash with disaffected youth — in Shia neighborhoods — who complain of political and economic marginalization, at the hands of the US/Saudi-backed Al Khalifa regime. At least 25 have died since last June, and the government and the opposition expect a stormy February — as the initial uprising’s anniversary is actually February 14th. Bahrain as a real democracy, or with an empowered Shiite community, represents a mortal threat to the Saudis and the greater GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). The felling of an important domino in the region, which could perhaps give greater resolve and invigoration to Saudi Arabia’s own native Shiite community, and potentially extend an opening to Iran.

The wider goal of boxing in Iran, while it (the US) prepares for bellicose, and aggressive military action against them, is put in peril by the democratic impulses, and aspirations of the majority Shia people of Bahrain. The United States clearly stands firmly and resolutely against human rights, and human dignity in the invidious, loathsome, and wholly detestable Sunni-led Sheikdom of Bahrain. As the Pentagon has noted, “[Bahrain] has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability in the Middle East.” It seems that those regimes allied with the US/GCC/Sunni Kingdoms, is rather the standard that the US goes by — as opposed to any concern for human dignity, universal values, democracy, or human rights.

The fork-tongued rants and diatribes of Susan Rice at the United Nations, are really yammerings and vituperations, that fundamentally do not yield, add up to, demonstrate or evince very much! It’s just once again evidence of the empire, and it subordinates — via shrill screams — attempting to cow other governments, and sovereign nation-states that are not 100% supine/on board with them. Browbeating them (essentially) into complete and total fealty, and “harmonizing” with a fierce, disagreeable, nasty and imperious regime.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current, and future U.S. military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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