Rick Rozoff: NATO vs The 1st Amendment + Qur’an burning by US led troops in Afghanistan monstrous blasphemy

by Rick Rozoff
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February 22, 2012

President Obama: Stop the Wars!

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on Feb 18, 2012

This video shows the early stages of the growing Chicago movement against the newly minted extraordinary police powers ordinance (dubbed the “sit down and shut up” laws). We go to one of the many actions around the city directed at Chicago aldermen who were about to vote on these new laws (designed by Democratic Party Mayor Emanuel to crush any dissent against the NATO/G8 summits he is hosting here in May).

Richard de Vries, Union Representative for IBT 705, tells a story about when he and Danny Solis were students at University of Illinois-Chicago campus back in the early 70s and they both participated in a student protest/occupation of the campus. If the ordinance under consideration (which now Alderman Solis finally approved of) were in effect then, “we wouldn’t even be on the street today.”

We also visit the press conference at City Hall given by an impressive coalition of neighborhood and labor organizations on the eve of City Council committee meetings and final vote. The draconian measures, only marginally tweaked, passed overwhelmingly by the all-Democratic Party Council.

The video is also a useful primer on what NATO is and some of its criminal record, from the bombings of civilians in Yugoslavia in the late 90s to NATO’s recent killings of civilians in Libya and Afghanistan. In January of this year the Arab Organisation for Human Rights together with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights announced that there is evidence that NATO has committed war crimes.

“My estimate: it’s Military Murder Inc.,” states Rick Rozoff, manager of the Stop NATO web site, as he provides extensive background information.

Includes interviews and comments from numerous labor and community leaders. Length 25:37

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Labor Beat: NATO vs The 1st Amendment


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February 21, 2012

Rick Rozoff, a manager of the Stop NATO organization in Chicago has said the burning of Korans by U.S. led troops in Afghanistan is a “monstrous blasphemy”.

In a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Rozoff said the Koran desecration “comes on the heels of four U.S. marines urinating on the corpses of dead afghan fighters.”

He added “subsequent to that of course U.S. service men posting with the Nazi German SS logo.”

About 2,000 Afghans protested outside the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Tuesday over a report that U.S. led soldiers burned and disposed copies of the Koran.

Please watch at PressTV.

Rick Rozoff: Qur’an burning by US led troops in Afghanistan monstrous blasphemy


Stopping NATO with Rick Rozoff

The Corbett Report
February 22, 2012

Rick Rozoff is the head of Stop NATO International at RickRozoff.wordpress.com. Stop NATO is an essential information source on all the latest news regarding the moves to the expansion and consolidation of NATO’s military might around the world. Tonight we discuss the upcoming NATO/G8 Summit in Chicago, the structure of NATO itself, and some of the current and future geopolitical hotspots where NATO is making its presence felt.



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