Noam Chomsky on Iran, the 2012 Presidential candidates, Anonymous, the Internet, Syria, Bahrain, Turkey, the Security Council and Education

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Noam Chomsky

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on Feb 29, 2012

On Feb. 14, 2012, I sat down with Dr. Noam Chomsky at MIT to ask him questions covering an array of topics.

Part 1 Questions:

ONE – Will the US or Israel attack Iran?

TWO – What have been the affects of the US-lead sanctions against Iran?

THREE – What makes Iran such a threat? Could Iran really attack the US?

FOUR – Is there a 2012 Presidential candidate that you think would make a good world leader? Or is it just politics as usual?

FIVE – What is your take on Anonymous’ attacks on government and corporate websites and personnel?

SIX – Do you think the internet has helped “level the playing field” between the powerful and the powerless?

SEVEN – Has the internet, where anyone can be a publisher, as apposed to only a few distributors of information prior to the internet, changed the Propaganda Model that you wrote about in Manufacturing Consent?

Part 2 Questions:

EIGHT – In Bahrain, today is the one-year anniversary of the brutal suppression of peaceful protestors by both Bahrain and Saudia Arabia. Do you ever see successful democratic uprisings taking place in either country?

NINE – You recently said that Turkey should be proud of its civil disobedience. But currently there are more than 400 university students in jail. Does this show the civil disobedience is not working? The government seems to be getting more totalitarian, not less. – Sebati Ladikli, Political Science Major at Ankara University

TEN – Do you think the United States, Britain or France should supply arms to the Free Syrian Army?

ELEVEN – Do you think the Security Council should eliminate the power to veto international law?

TWELVE – In your decades of activism, what events have been the most memorable for you?

THIRTEEN- Education is becoming unaffordable. Bloomberg reported that University of California fees have increased 145% since 2004. Why is tuition increasing so sharply all over the country? Can these increases be traced simply to our economic problems?

[Part 1 of 2] Noam Chomsky on Iran, the 2012 Presidential candidates, Anonymous, and the Internet


[Part 2 of 2] Noam Chomsky on Syria, Bahrain, Turkey, the Security Council and Education


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