Exclusive: Constantine Christianity by Shawn S. Grandstaff

by Shawn S. Grandstaff
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
March 10, 2012

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

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Most biblical scholars today trace what we see going on here in the states as well as the history of Christianity since the fourth century to the days of Constantine in 313 AD when he made the state religion Christianity. That’s considered to be the beginning of the subversion of Christianity. At that point Jesus and what He taught was replaced with an old covenant mentality to fit the needs of those in power to rule and dominate in order to further their political agenda. It was to justify their actions knowing they would receive no reproach because they knew people wouldn’t question God due to fear and it would be a sin to them. So they could say that God told them (being the rulers and leaders of the government) to do whatever they want knowing the people would buy it based on the misinterpretation of Romans 13. That my friends is not only using the Lord’s name in vain, which is the original interpretation/meaning of that, unlike what we’re taught today, but is also unfortunately at the core of mainstream Americanized Christianity. And is like most of the false doctrines we see today that are based on misinterpreting scriptures by taking them out of context while piecing them with other scriptures to prove their case. That’s how the whole left behind theology got started.

It’s an old covenant mentality that created the manifest destiny myth leading to the chosen nation idea that never applied to us/gentiles anyways yet people put more faith in it like they do with the constitution than they do the teachings of Jesus Himself. It’s a very deep rooted issue in the religious right that drives them into legislating morality (among many other things) like it’s the law/Ten Commandments. Instead of love, and accepting people for who they are, in many ways due to ignorance, zeal, and at times with a judgmental spirit they are unknowingly sitting in the judgment seat of God which only He is to sit in. Like the days of Constantine this is where we are at today, and with many believing this may be the end times they are even more urgent in their ways. If we never learn from history appreciating what it can teach us, we are doomed to repeat it.

The reason I write and talk so much about the Constantine religious right mentality is because I see so much hypocrisy in it. They continue to throw stones believing they are holier than those they are throwing the stones at. All the while never looking in the mirror collectively seeing the division within itself and all the things that contradict what the leader of their faith teaches. For instance, do we walk in love in how we treat other people? What did Jesus say about our enemies and our neighbor? He didn’t say go to war and build a fence to keep them out.

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        • I will do that, thank you. I see you’re a poet, that’s a great gift/talent. I’ve always liked a little William Blake when I read poetry. Something about him just speaks to me. I think it’s the songs of experience that hits me the most. I can relate to what has been said about him, “He was an independent and rebellious thinker, who abhorred pretension and falsity in others.” That is why I write about Constantine Christianity being a form of anti-Christ. It makes me sick to see my Father represented in the manner in which He has been in politics. Jesus is not a tool to use when needed in politics or to push morality when real Christianity is not morality at all but rather about being in Him walking in love. Anyways, I will look into your blog, and I’ve already enjoyed some of what I’ve seen. You get a lot of comments that’s great. I only do this to discuss and more importantly to help people see Jesus for who He really was before the subversion of Christianity. Like one of my friends from Austria whose in the ministry said “Until Constantine the Church was like in the Bible”.

          Peace & love bro!

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