Rocky Anderson, Presidential Candidate of the Justice Party, interviewed by Cynthia McKinney

by Cindy Sheehan
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March 11, 2012

Rocky Anderson at MLK

Image by wickenden via Flickr

(SOAPBOX #124) – Cindy is in Ireland, invited there by the Irish Committee to Free the (Cuban) 5.  She welcomes our wonderful guest-host, Cynthia McKinney.  Cynthia is a long-time and dear Soapbox friend and Soapbox hero, who presents Presidential Candidate of the Justice Party (a NEW 3rd party!) Rocky Anderson.  Rocky was formerly the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah between 2000 and 2008.  A serious peace activist and opponent of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and their related human rights abuses, our very own and well-beloved peacemom has a great respect for him.  (So does Cynthia.)  Rocky presents his informed and intelligent analysis of our nation’s swift erosion of all our proud legacy of proud support for American Constitutional rights during our persistent post 9-11 slide towards even the worst behaviors by totalitarian states in the past.

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  8. This is definitely my candidate…I know who I’m voting for…and to hell with me being a spoiler…if my one vote counts for so much, then it should count towards Rocky winning right…

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