Real Estate 4 Ransom with Michael Hudson and others (must-see)

with Michael Hudson
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March 15, 2012

Michael Hudson features in this 40 min documentary on the role property speculation and public finance had on this Great Recession. What role does economics itself have to blame for policy failure? More details.

by Real Estate 4 Ransom

REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM outlines a genuine alternative to the global property speculation that forced so many into debt.

Doubling the pressure, the tax game has become just that, with tax havens a favoured option for the wealthy.

The result – we are taxing the wrong things, causing more problems whilst bankrupting once proud economies. A systemic change is essential if we are to avoid these damaging boom-bust-bailouts.

Co-Directors – Gavin Emmanuel ( & Karl Fitzgerald.

Footage – much from the vimeo community 🙂

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Michael Hudson is a former Wall Street economist. A Distinguished Research Professor at University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC), he is the author of many books, including Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (new ed., Pluto Press, 2002) and Trade, Development and Foreign Debt: A History of Theories of Polarization v. Convergence in the World Economy. He can be reached via his website,


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