The Encounter (2010)

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The Encounter is an inspirational and intriguing faith-filled family drama about 5 people who are brought faced to face with Jesus and encouraged to examine the true condition of their lives.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere five strangers find themselves marooned in a deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman (Steve Borden), a lonely single woman (Jaci Velazquez), a couple on the verge of divorce, and a youthful runaway all come face to face with a diner owner who serves them more than temporal nourishment. This genial host is a certain Nazarene (Bruce Marchiano), who knows all of their secrets and possesses the answers to all of their problems — if only they would trust him. It is a miraculous Encounter that will leave them all changed.

The movie deals with how God sometimes allows negative things to happen to good people. It is a very thought provoking movie and a great illustration of how Christ still loves the sinner but hates his sin and gets people back on the right track, if they have faith and just listen to him.

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5 thoughts on “The Encounter (2010)

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  2. AH –if your experience to present date is agnostic then i take you at your word. and its honest for you . but my experience is different . the fact , despite the Taoist statement of” he who knows does not say ” ( sort of new age prattle ) , i really do know and i think that if someone disagrees with my experience then are they not seeking to interpret my deepest inner self ? that i find presumptuous .

    we cannot interpret other peoples experiences . Epistemology is a 2 edged sword . i would like your feedback on my article for the Atheist blog . it seems that i get along much better with atheists for some odd reason . that is if they are serious about seeking what is true and don’t buy into any bullshit or fashion . This group on campus here has some very cool cats that do their homework . and are no lightweights. i always find their meetings stimulating , and we have good dialogue .

  3. AH — one more thing : a man presumes much when he seeks to interpret another man’s experience …by saying he is delusional . i would never try and interpret an Atheists experience in life , and why they don’t believe. Because i don’t know what is going on inside him .

    Now , i can speculate . but to come up to someone and say –you don’t believe because of ( insert whatever ) , is just as presumptuous as an Atheist saying you did not experience Christ but a hallucination . well , they are not in my head , and i am not in their head.

    we must save those who presume much for the shallow thinkers … and stick with the common sense that only each man knows what is really going on inside themselves.

  4. AH —Hallucinations , superstition , myth ? please read my recent article for the local Atheist group here . Here is the link : They are friends of mine , and i write for their blog , and dialogue with them at their meetings .

    As far as Hitch goes…. Atheists like Camus and Nietzche and Sartre and Cioran leave Hitchens intellect in the dust . And were much better at articulating the root probem of man and the ultimate tyranny of man … which is the self , not faith in the divine . ”The self which has more dogmas , and barricades , and illusions” as Cioran said…. more ”than any theology ”.

    The real debate here should be between the old Atheists and what is commely called ”the new Atheism ”. This is something that Atheist Dave Muscato the leader of SASHA ( the local Atheist group here ) has been exploring in print . As a Christian I am with the old Atheists who understood existentially , ”by virtue of the absurd” that reality is only understood and unutterable de profundus .

    Dave and i have discussed this at their last meeting . i am looking forward to reading his work on the subject. also , while we are talking about the subject of myths , supersition , etc… while you are on SASHA’s blog you might want to check out my article ”Sam Harris’s flirtation with life after death”. you might find that interesting also. all the best.

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