Police Arrest 73 in Occupy Wall Street Crackdown As Protesters Mark Six Months of Uprising

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Occupy Wall Street

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on Mar 19, 2012

Six Months and counting, the Occupy Wall Street movement is on the move. As the weather is warming up, so it seems are the 99 percenters.

Protesters continue to show their disapproval of what they say is a takeover of their government by the one percent. And during new occupy event, the rough treatment by police continue.

99 percenters heat up protests-News Analysis-03-19-2012


on Mar 19, 2012

democracynow.org – Michael Moore led hundreds of people from the Left Forum conference to Zuccotti Park on Saturday where hundreds had gathered to re-occupy the park to mark six months since the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began last September and launched protests around the world that gave voice to “the 99 percent.” That night, New York City police officers cleared the park making at least 73 arrests. Many people reported excessive use of force by officers, several cases were caught on camera. In one widely reported incident, a young woman suffered a seizure after she was pulled from the crowd and arrested. Witnesses say police initially ignored Cecily McMillan as she flopped about on the sidewalk with her hands zip-tied behind her back, but she was eventually taken away in an ambulance. For more we talk to Guardian reporter Ryan Devereaux, who has been following the Occupy movement closely.

Police Arrest 73 in Occupy Wall Street Crackdown As Protesters Mark Six Months of Uprising


on Mar 19, 2012

democracynow.org – Famed sociologist Frances Fox Piven and labor organizer Stephen Lerner discuss how Occupy Wall Street could grow into a major political movement that draws millions into the streets. “I am absolutely convinced that Occupy is the beginning of another massive protest movement,” Fox Piven says. “Protest movements have a long life, 10, 15 years and they are what we have to rely on to take our country back.” Fox Piven is professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York and author of “Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America.” Lerner is a labor organizer who was the architect of the Justice for Janitors campaign, and is on the executive board of the Service Employees International Union. He has been working with labor and community groups nationally on how to hold Wall Street accountable. “I think there has never been a more exciting time in my 30 years of organizing, to imagine building the kind of movement that can transform the country, that can really talk about redistributing wealth and power and there is never a better time to get involved,” Lerner says. We are also joined by Guardian reporter Ryan Devereaux, who has been reporting on Occupy Wall Street extensively.

Occupy Wall Street Strategy Discussion: Stephen Lerner, Frances Fox Piven, Ryan Devereaux


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