Global Tamil Forum on UN resolution on Sri Lanka

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24 March 2012

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24 March 2012

Global Tamil Forum on UN resolution on Sri Lanka

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) commends the passing of the UN resolution on Sri Lanka, at the current Human Rights Council (HRC) session in Geneva, as a crucial first step towards accountability and justice for victims on the island. Tamils all over the world are thankful to the United States for spearheading the initiative and to all those who have made this first meaningful step possible.

We are most encouraged by India for having made a significant vote in favour of addressing human rights abuses and the importance that accountability plays in facilitating just peace.

In addition to the lobbying efforts of the Tamil Diaspora, Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Malaysia, many international parliamentarians, media organisations, non-government bodies and some progressive human rights activists from the South of Sri Lanka have all contributed towards the success of this Resolution. GTF encourages all Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka to convey to the Tamil population the significance of this passing of the resolution as a constructive move towards accountability and sustainable reconciliation.

The UNHRC has demonstrated its will to promote human rights, equality and peace, but it’s true effectiveness will be in its monitoring of the implementation of the resolution in its entirety and measurement of progress.

69% of the 47 voting countries including abstentions (8 abstentions) have not supported Sri Lanka. 78% of the 9 voting countries have supported outright in South America. 77% of the African Union countries – 10 (including 5 abstentions) out of 13 voting countries have either supported or have refused to object to this resolution being passed. Tamils are very grateful to all and will work internationally to create awareness even more.

GTF remains resolute that only an independent, international investigation will bring justice to the victim’s of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and their families. However, these important small steps can pave the way for an international mechanism towards truth, accountability and lasting peace on the island.


Global Tamil Forum on the 19th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

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