Is US Sanctimony on the Wane? by Sean Fenley

by Sean Fenley
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
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March 23, 2012

For certain segments of the global population, the United States has, of course, virtually always represented little to nothing good. No doubt, however, many have given credence to the idea of liberal, and democratic notions that the United States is ostensibly about. Recent events, though, would seem to belie the notion that United States is about high-minded, and lofty ideals, but it is rather the entity with the biggest stick, who will carry out its bidding — and that of multi-national corporations — with concern for respect, scruples, and moral human dignity receiving extremely little care.

In Libya — love him or a hate him — a man who reinvested a good percentage of the oil wealth into his own people, has been unceremoniously ousted, and for what? It’s still unclear and stability has; of course, yet to return to that land. The oil rich eastern section of the nation is pushing for autonomy, and could put the long accepted (high) living standards, of the majority of the Libyan people very much in doubt. Taking the country back to the days when King Idris served, as a pliant tool of the world’s largest oil corporations. [See video below.]

Iran, has for some time now, been considered to be a villain celebre, yet a report was just put out stating that the CIA and Mossad do not believe that Iran has the bomb. Even with a supple US/NATO man at the head of the IAEA (Amano), an attack on that sovereign nation still — as of yet — does not appear to be on the verge. Though the US and Israel do not seem to put any stock, in the supreme leader’s long-held fatwa that he (and Iran as a whole) fundamentally reject the bomb.

Putin and Bashar al-Assad have also been under heavy scrutiny/attack, yet the autocracies/dictatorships that the US supports have been sparsely — if at all — reported upon in the pages of the mainstream press (Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, many more). A recent report of Qaddafi being a prime funder of Sarkozy’s previous election campaign, should show that any and all dictatorial governments, that are one day in grace with the US/the Western powers — ultimately, doesn’t necessarily add up to very much at all. And there are certainly no liberal, democratic, moral, or ethical standards when these American, British and continental European “deals with the devil” are made. The key ingredient, however, is a witting partner to go along with whatever the empire, and/or its associates should deign.

Unequivocally, it’s very rich for Susan Rice, and others in the Obama regime like her — to portray herself, and the administration that she is representing, as if they are holier than thou. After all many of the Frankensteinian creations, historically, that the United States has given rise to, have found themselves rotting at the bottom of a spider hole — or been at the receiving end — of a fate even worse! Perhaps some would wish that same deleterious impasse upon Madam Rice, but I think that an early retirement should be a sufficient enough castigation, for one of the shrillest, and most irascible voices in the Obama clique.

The house of cards, I think, is irretrievably falling. Forever, puncturing the notion, of a benevolent non-brusque global power, that is unalike the British — and others who have come before. Perhaps due to peak oil (the exigency of bringing as much of the world’s oil wealth under the American sphere), perhaps due to the inherent snowballing effect of beguiling (and tantalizing) hubris and greed; perhaps due to the lack of a check or moral force — like the non-existent peace/anti-war movement — that still presumably envisions Obama, as more authentically dovish and pacific than he postures, acts, threatens, augurs and maintains.

At least all signs point to OWS reemerging out of its winter respite/slumber. Taking the fight against the two oligarchical parties, to the streets once again. Exposing the faux rhetoric of democracy and human rights, that the United States proselytizes on to other nations and peoples, yet often showing the emperor (Obama) not to be wearing any clothes. And of course, as Obama sends the nation’s “finest” out to clamp down upon the mostly vernal, twenty-something youth, who are only exercising their God and constitutionally given civil liberties and rights; it’s become even questionable if these rights still exist any longer under President Obama’s charge — especially taking into account his signing of HR 347, and the extraordinarily egregious NDAA.

Perhaps notwithstanding, however, the fervor for dumping the exceedingly limited duopolistic, oligarchical power system of the ravenous, insatiable, and the avaricious 1% — can still readily gain a head of steam. To bring about an American Spring, to a nation — that has for far too long been led by a regime — which author and former economic hitman John Perkins, has aptly and effectively referred to as a corporatocracy.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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  4. I think the fact that a new central bank was set up in Libya two weeks into the “revolution” makes it quite clear what the purpose was. One word, or rather three letters: BIS.

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