N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? (2007) (repost)

Icon of the Resurrection

Icon of the Resurrection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Dr. N. T. Wright speaks on the historical reliability of Jesus’ resurrection.


What does the Resurrection mean? N. T. Wright, New Testament scholar, bishop of Durham, and professor at the University of St. Andrews, explains how 1st century Palestinian Messianic movements worked and what the Resurrection meant to them. From The Veritas Forum at Emory in 2008.

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13 thoughts on “N. T. Wright: Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? (2007) (repost)

  1. AH — i repiled to you on why i dont seek to prove the ressurection objectivly or scientifically , but it went under my other reply under my own name . ..( mistake )you might want to scroll down on that one to find it .

  2. from your view that may be true. but it is only your view. and since you cannot prove what absolute reality is ( no philosopher or scientist , and one in history has ever been able too.) therefore you cannot prove its opposite –namely unreality , or delusion . therefore my syllogism stands up in a deductive logical framework .

    now if you were to say ” it is only my opinion that you are ( fill in the blank ) ”…. then you would be on solid ground . but to make an absolute statement that you cannot back up by reason , well ..that is called ”unreasonable ”.

    • Again we run into a problem of epistemology which you are not addressing head on . and i know you are intelligent enough to address it . when you state that someone is delusional , you have to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt why . this means you cannot assume , or presume . you have to prove . so how does one do that ? by proving what it means to not be delusional . that means proving what absolute reality is itself . ..not an approximation .

      there are 3 problems in seeking to prove what absolute reality is .

      1. Godel’s incompleteness theorem ( Russels paradox) . this shows that as Karl Popper in his ”Falsification test” in the Vienna school showed that a priori reasoning toward an absolute can lead one into ”infinite regress”.

      2. Heisenbergs uncertainty principle –this shows that seeking to prove something via a postiori with concrete evidence is impossible , because the one who is proving it eclipses the exact measurement . so one ends up with an approximation , not an absolute .

      3. Schrodinger’s Cat — an extension of the first 2. a real conundrum .

      now you can say ”Rocket , i think that you are delusional , cracked , or whatever , but i cannot prove it ”. that falls within the perimeter of logic . and you can give reasons why . all fine and well…and good for dialogue . i take no offense. but as carl sagan said ” extra ordinary claims need to be backed up by extra ordinary evidence”. you have no evidence that can be proven 100 per cent absolute in the lab or thru a trajectory of reason that i am delusional. and closeness only works in horseshoes .

    • The fear of God was not put into me by the catholic church , but by a real experience i had with the risen Christ. and since you do not live inside me , you have no understanding or right to presume that you interpret my experience. each man’s experience is his own . i would never seek to expound and interpret on your experiences in life.

      number 2 – good question . did jesus plan on his own death ? well now . … yes . and i will tell you why in its historical context.

      one can talk heresy out in the sticks all they want , but when they come into the big city talking the same thing they are just asking for it . Christ ( no matter who you think he was ) , we know that he was not stupid. he knew what he was doing . at least he viewed himself in the zietgiest of the times , fulfilling the sacrificial death motif in the literature of that day of Hellenized Judaism with all that Essene Messianic fervor in the air . intertestamental Lit is pregnant with this stuff , and so are the dead sea scrolls.

      of course this does not prove he is who he thought he was , but i think that it is not a stretch to say that he knew what he was getting himself into going to the big city and cleaning out the temple .

    • I am not trying to making a case objectively or scientifically for the Resurrection of Christ. but N.T. Wright is .
      i personally dont like christian apologetics, though i know it has been effective . i am a Kierkegaardian myself — ”objective uncertainty ” …leads to faith by ”virtue of the absurd”. i am not a rational Theist like Francis Collins in the Genome project or Paul Davies and the New Physics.

      but i do have evidence that Christ has risen –my changed life over 37 years. that is hard to express thru a computer. but those around me have seen the change and some have over time checked out the good news for themselves. some have been converted , others have not .

      do i think Christianity is good for the world? no . but i think that knowing Christ personally and living like him is everything that this world is longing for , but just does not know it . that is why i wont shut up in deed or in word about the good news.

      i dont blame you for being sick of religious people infecting the discourse politically . most of them are idiots and are very very destructive. but what does that have to do with Jesus of Nazareth ? i am as distrustful of them as i am of the secularist. same power game .

      • Interesting question . are you familiar with Dietrick Bonhoeffer who was martyred by the Nazis ? he was a brilliant Lutheran theologian and open dissenter , and wrote in his letter and papers from prison for the new need for a ”new and greater secularity ”……one that transcends both secularism and religion .

        i have been trying to grasp what Bonhoffer has brought to the table with this spiritual existential eschatology .

  3. It is a thick book to read , but to date Wright has has the definitive on the subject ..no doubt.

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