Occupy the East End Rejects MoveOn.org Takeover Attempt

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We had been silent. We had hoped that the organizations that are attempting to co-opt and dilute the Occupy Wall Street movement would stop. The Occupy movements across the country are fighting for better lives of the 99% of Americans who work for a living. We had hoped that these interlopers would recognize that what they are doing is wrong.

But they have not done the right thing. Now it’s time to speak out and fight back.

A Democratic Party-affiliated organization, MoveOn.org, is actively attempting to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement. This brazen co-option attempt began by mimicking the Occupy movement’s terminology and rhetoric, not to embrace it, but to channel our movement’s energies toward backing Democratic candidates and policies. MoveOn says: “MoveOn stands in solidarity with the brave protesters at Occupy Wall Street, but we’re not Occupy Wall Street and we’re not trying to become Occupy Wall Street.” If that’s true, why are they posting articles with titles like “Which Corporations Occupy Congress?” and sponsoring events with titles like “We Are The 99%?” This is “Astroturfing”* at its worst. MoveOn is creating confusion on purpose.

Ground Zero in MoveOn’s takeover attempt of Occupy is focused on the eastern end of Long Island in New York. Occupy the East End represents the OWS movement in the Hamptons and Shelter Island, which happen to be the most popular summer playground for the 1%.

Its most recent attempt to co-opt our movement is by scheduling a “99% Spring Training” by a MoveOn front group called “99% Spring” on April 15, 2012 at the same location and time where Occupy the East End has been holding its General Assemblies since the group formed in October of 2011. Occupy the East End delivered an unprecedented unanimous block—every OEE member at the GA issued a personal block—to a MoveOn representative who “asked” OEE to participate—after MoveOn had scheduled the event. The MoveOn rep refused to change the date or time and informed OEE that “you will be taken over [by MoveOn] whether you like it or not.”

We cannot be bought! We will not be co-opted!

Moveon.org is a political lobbying organization that routinely backs Democratic candidates and was originally funded by the billionaire George Soros. MoveOn.org is considered the “lead lobbying group” for Obama’s reelection campaign, and has overt ties to various Wall Street entities.

Occupy the East End is in no way affiliated with MoveOn.org, nor does it wish to become so. The attempt to take over OEE is a hostile takeover attempt to capitalize on the Occupy movement as a whole. Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the East End as a movement rejects the political system as a broken structure that needs to be overhauled from the bottom up.


Occupy the East End urgently requests the support of all Occupations and occupiers to rebuff this attempt to CO-OPT OUR movement. All Occupiers are asked to join us at the Windmill on Long Wharf in Sag Harbor, NY on April 15, 2012 at 12:30 pm to make your voice heard at the General Assembly of the REAL Occupy movement!

*Astroturfing: The creation of lobbying groups that appear to be separate from corporate interests, but that are actually funded by them. As opposed to “grassroots” political activism.


Updated April 9, 2012

on Apr 9, 2012

Watch as a MoveOn.org infiltrator attempts to hijack the General Assembly of Occupy the East End in Long Island, New York.

MoveOn.org Infiltrator Exposed at Occupy the East End


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11 thoughts on “Occupy the East End Rejects MoveOn.org Takeover Attempt

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  3. This looks like a great/terrible example of miscommunication and anger shutting down communication. I’m sure moveon would not want a member to co-opt anyone’s attempts to make positive change and the moveon guy was wrong for not going through the correct channels, but does not speak for all of moveon, just like a member of any group does not speak for that group unless they are the “Big Boss”. FYI, MoveOn started after the Lewinski scandel and Clinton impeachment hearings saying we should move on and let the president get back to work governing the country. I have never seen them lie about what they do. If you have questions about moveon go to their website and get the info there. http://www.moveon.org/event/faq/index.html?faq_id=131&show_topic=1035&q_expand=3603 I know these things because I read. I expect to be attacked for saying this stuff, even though I have not attacked anyone, only stated an opinion.

  4. Same thing happened with the tea party: http://astroturfwars.com/

    And it’s important to note that it’s not just moveon.org that’s using this messaging or these tactics. The Rebuild the Dream movement, the DNCC and several other groups are doing the same thing. For all practical purposes, these groups might as well be the same thing as they have the same backers, same players, same funding etc. But it’s important to note that It’s coming from all sides and that “help” from moveon, rebuild the dream and the DNCC can do to OWS what the Dick Armey and the Koch brothers did to the tea party.

  5. MoveOn is now lying about how it started. A recent email gives the new official line on that. In fact (the documents were once available on the MoveOn site if you really looked), it started as a PAC which posited that there were 2 threats to America – progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans. Its initial efforts were to back establishment Democrats against progressive Democrats in Congressional races.

    It deliberately changed its image a number of years ago, but not its real purpose. Before the recent Maryland elections, MoveOn told me who they endorsed on my Democratic primary ballot. Predictably, they were all the incumbent, establishment Democrats. This is a one-party area where the establishment Democrats winning the primary is tantamount to winning the general election.

    MoveOn has not changed, but rather become much less honest in their approach. They are one of the establishment’s strongest supporters.

  6. bravo,well said,the monster that is hell bent on destroying the planet,will stop at nothing to destroy all world wide protests,and have bought off&control many so called “progressive/leftists movement,that will try to silence our voices if we space out and let them!!!!be brave,stand tall&together,because movements are all that stand in the way of the insane evil,heartless oneswho will destroy the planet if we let them!!! ho kaz hey/it is a good time to live

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