The children killed by war by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
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April 5, 2012

The children killed by war

Should haunt us forever,

Their mangled limbs,

Charred bodies,

Innocent minds,

Unreached dreams

Cursing us for our blind zeal

For revenge,

Or security,

Or defense,

Or patriotism,

Or freedom,

Or any other lazy lie we tell ourselves

To excuse the murders we do.

So we banish their photos, their faces, their shattered lives

From our TV screens and news pages.

Not seeing is willful blindness,

Never facing the awful truth

That condemns us.

Ed Ciaccio’s first book, Heartlines: Selected Personal Works 1966-2011, is now available at or

4 thoughts on “The children killed by war by Ed Ciaccio

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  2. the average is nothing more than a”good german”,their minds& bodies are fried,their hearts closed&their souls terminally ill!!!we,the awake have an enormous load to carry,we must put an end to all this insanity before the entire planet is exterminated!!! ho ka hey/it is a good time to live

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