Exclusive: Real Politik and the danger of an open mind by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
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April 11, 2012

Day Fifty-five: Yawn

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The danger of an open mind is not temporarily having an open mind, but rather thinking that one’s mind is truly open, and allowing it to remain there. Oscar Wilde said “most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions; their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation”. The tricky house of mirrors scene at the end of Orson Welles masterpiece “Lady from Shanghai” is always around us. Chomsky called it consent manufactured, and Hume referred to it as “The Opinion”. Breaking free from this is paramount to free thought, and free thought is paramount to real action that can really change this world.


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It is a fact that every farmer knows that if turkeys spend too much time looking upward with their mouths open during a rainstorm they will drown. An open mind, or what we call an open mind like an open mouth it eventually has to close on something. To remain open is lethal. And yet it is this openness that is celebrated. What folly! And to make things worse, this openness drones on as an expression of other peoples’ thoughts and views 24/7 via a feedback loop that is propelled when it goes viral in the technocratic age of manipulation that increases the dangers of the existent individual becoming dehumanized by becoming kind of a grab bag to whatever is in the loop at the time. Dreadful.

What becomes problematic definitionally in this dialectic is that one assumes that the opposite of an open mind is a closed mind. And we all know how fashionable it is these days to say, “Hey, I am an open-minded person, but so and so is dogmatic and close-minded”. This statement comes from a person who is has not yet closed down on anything. A person who remains adrift alongside the turkeys on the precipice of drowning…. For people don’t live or die — people just float, she left with the man in the long black coat.

All of this has an immense impact in the world of real politik. Why? Because the merry-go-round of consent manufactured by the powers that be can continue to rule, meanwhile the so-called open-minded are supporting this Leviathan. Intolerance comes in the name of tolerance, and a mental lobotomy’s expression is always ones proclamation of an open mind. Nothing is as it appears. Is it any wonder that progressives were massively co-opted by what Nader called the biggest con job in American history: The election of Barack Obama. And with very little dissent might I add. And the Republicans are no different. The true blue dissenters have given up the open mind delusion and have closed it, hence stepping out of the danger zone of deception. And though the ongoing charade of the open mind continues, the closers are the only ones left to speak truth to power.

It is the dissenters that are maligned and treated bad by the so-called fair ones, the elites, propped up by the danger of the so-called open-minded ones. Pity the one’s who foolishly continue with an open mind, for it is so open that their brains have fallen out.


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Apr 1, 2012 by

T-Bone Burnett – 9 – House Of Mirrors – Truth Decay (1980)


Natu Alonso on Jul 30, 2014

“The Lady from Shanghai” (1948) Mirror sequence


Manufacturing Consent (1992)


10 thoughts on “Exclusive: Real Politik and the danger of an open mind by Rocket Kirchner

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  3. The writer seems to express a concern for the lost art of communications between decision makers and an increasingly sophisticated citizens’ intellectual capacity.
    Once referred to as political propaganda and now understated as PR or spin. Semantics, speech distortions and ultimately deceptions to serve the power brokers.What’s new?
    Spin and PR are employed by inadequate power brokers who indulge cronyism and nepotism as an abuse of power.(Refer to Wikipedia for definitions of cronyism).

    • Donal , what is new is that i take the popular phrase ”open minded” and turn it on its head , exposing it for what it is –minds that are not thinking for themselves , but are propping up the elite.

      also , whats new is the 2 most important links : the song by t-bone burnett called ”House of mirrors” , and the 1965 french movie ”Alphaville”. what a film ! says it all.

  4. Rocket— That is an amusing piece of twisted logic.what your real meaning is that if you are not an absolutist and believer ( in the Christian religion for instance) your brain might fall out. Hilarious

      • DS
        rocket is obviously knowledgeable about many subjects, however he is one of those people who thinks he is in possession of the absolute truth, in his case it’s his religion.
        He can believe anything he wants, but when he calls others piggys living a little piggy life because they don’t believe in his Jesus, he loses all credibility.
        DS always comes to his defense, so I would assume DS has the same belief system, that’s fine as long as insulting non-believers is not standard procedure here.

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