David Withun: Christianity and Existentialism

The inside of an Orthodox church. Greek Orthod...

The inside of an Orthodox church. Greek Orthodox Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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David removed his video.

Apr 14, 2012 by davidpwithun



2 thoughts on “David Withun: Christianity and Existentialism

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  2. This is an important topic NOW because of the all the moralizing of the religious systems and the equally dyspeptic moralizing of the new atheists movement . The Christian existentialist can cut thru all this by stating that all morals are fabricated in the finite skull , and that truth and alienation from each other is a deeply real thing that a mere ethos cannot fix. it takes authentic reconnecting to the Infinite .

    besides a leap of faith , we need to leap over all of this pompous moralizing that we are bombarded with daily , and get to the heart of the matter of existence itself .

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