Protesting NATO in Chicago will be too late for Afghanistan by Hakim

by Hakim
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
April 14, 2012

Stop the Wars!

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

Dear friends of ordinary 99 percent Afghans,

We thank you for your love and your hands and feet, in organizing for the upcoming Chicago protests!

In these killing days, we in Afghanistan do not expect the interests of people to triumph over self-interests. But your efforts prove that another world is possible.

However, respectfully, late May demonstrations are probably too late to request that the majority of public opinion against the Afghan war be placed on NATO’s table, so as to end the ineffectual wasting of tax money on a futile war strategy. War doesn’t work!

By the time you take to the streets in Chicago on May 20, the U.S. Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement for a long term U.S. military presence in Afghanistan will have been signed.

As General John Allen remarked last Sunday:

The US is fully committed to an enduring strategic partnership with Afghanistan … and now that we have concluded these two critically important MOUs [memorandums of understanding] — one on detentions and one on special operations — we are ready to look forward to a successful summit in Chicago in the wake of the signing of the Strategic Partnership.

The talk of a 2014 withdrawal is a distracting side show, and the recently clinched “important MOUs” for detentions and night raids/special operations were the token bait. In General Allen’s declaration, we will be protesting “in the wake” of the signing of this so-called partnershipPermits! Protests! The deal will have been done.

Perpetual war in South Asia will have been sealed in Washington and Kabul, in the sacred names of global and national security.

But, our names are not global and national security.

Our name is love.

If at all possible, please take to the streets earlier.

For us here in Afghanistan, where the streets are too deadly, on April 21 we’ll take to the Afghan airwaves again!

With year-round gratitude and spring warmth,

The Afghan Peace Volunteers

Afghans for Peace


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