Finian Cunningham: U.S. behind heinous crimes of Bahraini regime

with Finian Cunningham
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
East Africa
April 22, 2012

Image by Al Jazeera English via Flickr
Apr. 21, 2012

Finian Cunningham, Middle East & East Africa Correspondent of Global Research says the U.S. government is the root cause of problems in the protest-hit tiny Persian Gulf country of Bahrain.

“The United States government is the root of the problem. The Khalifa regime is despicable and needs to be removed if there is any democratic progress in Bahrain but the root problem is Washington,” Finian Cunningham told press TV’s U.S. Desk in an exclusive interview on Saturday.

He continued, “Washington is the primary sponsor of that regime and they fund the regime with something like fifty million dollars of military aid that came through within the last few months. They gave the regime diplomatic cover, political cover.”

“I mean all the crimes that this regime is committing, the United States is well aware of it, and have been for years. They are well aware of the heinous crimes by the Khalifah regime, the repression, incarceration, torture, lethal use of force against the protesters. The American government is well aware of it and say nothing,” Cunningham added

Bahrain has had peaceful anti-regime protests following the 2011 revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt that overthrew their U.S.-backed dictators. on Apr 22, 2012

Finian Cunningham: US behind heinous crimes of Bahraini regime

Finian Cunningham, is Global Research’s Middle East and East Africa correspondent and a Featured Writer on Dandelion Salad. He can be reached at


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  1. If the US government is the root of the problem and they fund the regime with something like fifty million dollars of military aid …it should be really condemned….I support peace…..

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  5. No illusions left, we can see the blatant hypocrisy and criminal agenda clear as day. John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader can’t all be wrong! Bruce Gagnon, spells it out with laser precision. It’s high time we separated the sheep from the goats. Stand up & be counted, to call the criminals to account. Thanks Finian

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