Stranger in an Insane Land by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
May 6, 2012

turn off the tv live your life

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I’m sorry, but I am convinced beyond reproach that we are all part of some giant dream. I mean, this cannot be real! All one has to do is what I just did this Tuesday morning; channel surf all the so called  news talk shows on the boob tube. I started out with Imus, quite appropriately, on the Bloomberg business channel. After all, Donny baby has been a shill for the super rich and famous for decades. His right wing crew of phony blue collar rebels, with the ghosts of ”Rudy Rudy, USA USA” echoing in the background is enough to give any rational person agita.Then I surfed to MSNBC and got a taste of Joe Scarborough and his neurotic side kick, the daughter of Mr. Grand Chessboard Brzezinski (Google it) acting like two pseudo centrist regular Americans. I am sure that Joe earns enough to qualify for the 1%. A bigger waste of time, as usual, is to surf over to Fox Cable (News?) channel and watch the three yuppie fools tow the Republican Party propaganda hook line and sinker. Of course, if you stay tuned to MSNBC for 24/7 you’ll get their counterparts, the Democratic Party minions. Finally, I surfed over to CNN and caught this so called journalist, Soledad O’Brien (imagine carrying the name of a prison where the 60s radical movements flourished while being so pro empire?). Her little round table of yuppie pundits welcomed this morning the great lefty liberal economist Paul Krugman (who was on the payroll of Enron before their collapse- check it out). Krugman has a new book out entitled “End This Depression”. I noticed how, for the entire five minutes they devoted to him, Krugman never once mentioned how the obscene military spending and phony wars and occupations have been the major cause of our current depression. Gee Paul, did you not do your economics 101 homework to see that last year over 50 cents out of every federal tax dollar sent to Uncle Sam went for military spending? Or did you overlook the fact that it costs we that taxpayers over one million dollars a year to keep one soldier in Afghanistan? You see folks, when the smoke clears, all the pundits and all their guests will be either part of the Republican or Democratic parties’ spin machines… or they would not be on the air!

Perhaps someday soon (one hopes) the general public will wake up to the truth. Television is great for watching films and sports events. Other than that, it is mostly made up of liars, hypocrites and shills for the empire. This empire, sadly, only works for the benefit of even less than what the Occupy movement distinguishes as the 1%. Actually, the empire only reflects the wants and needs of perhaps ¼ of the one percent of us. Yet, many of us who make up the 99+ % support or act as apologists for these greedy corrupt and power hungry folks. Isn’t it time for the majority of us to get together and stand for economic fairness and an end to this imperialist empire? History reveals that all imperialist empires have eroded from within, and not just from outside their borders. We need to speak with the voice of the 99% and demand an end to our foreign interventions, bases and overkill spending on weapons of war. We have enough now to destroy the entire world 100 times over! Whether you respect a Ron Paul or Ralph Nader- they both agree on the aforementioned statement by this writer. Do you? When will you?

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a free lance columnist (found on the fine Dandelion Salad site), an environmental products sales rep and an activist. Since 2010, Philip is a spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at


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5 thoughts on “Stranger in an Insane Land by Philip A. Farruggio

  1. Mr Farruggio’s articles are always enlightening—he tells ”it like it is” and presents his views clearly—-i use his articles in my high school class and many students have commented to me that he makes it very easy for them to understand the political world around them… many never read an entire article about anything political—i read one of his articles to them and watched their reaction—i could see many nodding in agreement—even the ones who were quiet seemed interested. Thank you Mr .Farruggio for awakeningmy students… only if more adults would follow suit—-miles millen

  2. I agree life on earth looks and acts so insane with the 1% or less running it for their profit and the rest not standing up in Revolution and Revolt and overthrow them, that this must be some bad dream…

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