To Be a Disciple of Jesus: What Jesus Said About Following Him

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In case you missed this part, a partial repost from What Jesus Said About Who He Is, Life and Following Him.

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What Jesus Said About Following Him

Christians cannot love their enemies and kill them, too

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Along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus called His disciples to “take up your cross and follow Me.” After almost 2,000 years, there is still hesitancy among many to accept that same invitation to become a follower of Jesus. What kind of commitment was Jesus asking for? How is Jesus different from other religious leaders?

Gain insights from biblical scholars who have researched the life and teachings of Jesus. Examine the evidence for making a commitment and decide whether you have reason to believe what Jesus said about following Him.

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  14. Why be a disciple of anyone? Why not think for yourself? Blind belief is slavery, intelligent choice is sovereignty. Believe what you will, but please respect my right not to conform to your expectations, and to challenge the literalism of any given belief system through comparative study and individuated praxis.

    • And David, did you watch the 26 minute video?

      Who is not respecting your “right” to believe or not to believe anything?

      I don’t understand your antagonism? What compels you to post your comment on this particular blog post?

      “Who are you going to serve” — Bob Dylan

      • I wasn’t being antagonistic, just commenting about discipleship. Apologies if my words appear offensive. Frankly I didn’t get the point of this, so I’d better take a look at the video. Is Dandelion Salad promoting some kind of “Jesus” community? Dylan can serve anyone he likes, but as Tariq Ramadan pointed out in a recent talk he delivered on BBC Radio 4, the real business of the spiritually motivated individual is to serve humanity.

        • Ramadan is correct . He works within the framework of Rumi and Hafiz. great stuff. but this all begs the question of ”how ”. The Greeks asked why , but Galileo always asked ”how ”. How does one live up to such a standard as to love even their enemies ? this is something that the Muslim mystics like Abdul Aziz and many others have in common with the teachings of Christ . your enemies …the connection of divinity and humanity . If one isn’t loving humans they don’t love God . but how ?

          the how in the form of a faith proposition comes in the form of an issue of ”a power differential ” in the Lacanian sense. The risen Christ has the POWER to liberate from self enough for us to love anyone , even the hardest to love . Those of us who suffer from acute selfishness ( like me ) can testify that in the last 38 years of my life since my conversion in 1974 ….the grace and power has been given to me to be transformed out of the circle of self into becoming a liberated follower of Christ . ..and i still got a hell of a long way to go !

    • David , why be a disciple of anyone ? good question . Answer — because the self is source of all tyranny , that’s why . Christ came to liberate us from ourselves . this is no political agenda to be forced on others, but rather a simple choice if we want true inner freedom .

      we must be honest ; all this talk about being an individual is bullshit . no one really thinks for themselves at all . we just think we do . therein lies the rub .

      following Jesus is not a belief ”system ” , it is a wonderful journey of likes that cannot be described , but must be experienced. blind belief is not slavery , it is freedom . self sovereignty is the worse sort of slavery . i just wrote an article on this for this blog . you may want to check it out . is called ”The self as the ultimate source of all tyranny ”.

      • Ooopps…I guess I’d better be careful what I say. Rocket I appreciate your honesty, and I like your sincerity, and I’ve read your post but I’ve got to be straight about this Jesus stuff ~ I just don’t buy it. It suits you and many others, but I’ve devoted my adult life to this business and I’m sorry to say I can’t go along with it. I may not be a christist, but it doesn’t make me an atheist either, and it certainly doesn’t make me sophist, but then neither am I a communist even though I lived in France in a communist area and made very good friends there. In fact my best friend was my neighbour, a Spanish civil war vet, a wonderful man who had no time for priests and religion, You could call me communalist possibly, but I’m not keen on isms and ists. I believe the truth is classical and in plain sight and is accessible to everyone if they have the courage to seek it. Being an individual is not bullshit. It’s what makes a community authentic. We’ve already had this conversation about big S Self and little s self, so no point reiterating that. Oren Lyons made a nice analogy about an individual tree as a community, not an isolated organism but a host and partner to myriad life-forms. None of us are isolated, but we are unique, and that is the point.

        • David , concerning the Self again as THE problem , I think that Cioran has hit the nail best on the head. When you read his stuff he takes no prisoners . he says ”i prefer outer Mongolia to the French Enlightenment ”. This is my kind of real Atheist. Another great quote ..” it is time for Diogenes to challenge the Son of God ” . another hard hitter ..”no theology protects its god like we protect the self ”.

          as far as being an individual — it must be defined. you may define it your way , but i see no other way of being an authentic individual than Kierkegaard’s definition ”one who stands in absolute relationship to the Absolute”. this is being stripped by Christ down to the bone and reborn .

          and please dont watch what you say around me .. i love the friendly scrapping . let er rip !

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