The People’s Bishop by Chris Hedges + 50 arrested as Occupy protests at the “church of the 1%”

by Chris Hedges
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Dandelion Salad
May 7, 2012

OWS briefly takes Trinity Church lot. Bishop George Packard one of first over fence & of around 50 arrested

Image by Adrian Kinloch via Flickr

Retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard was arrested in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City on Tuesday night as he participated in the May 1 Occupy demonstrations. He and 15 other military veterans were taken into custody after they linked arms to hold the plaza against a police attempt to clear it. There were protesters behind them who, perhaps because of confusion, perhaps because of miscommunication or perhaps they were unwilling to risk arrest, melted into the urban landscape. But those in the thin line from Veterans for Peace, of which the bishop is a member, stood their ground. They were handcuffed, herded into a paddy wagon and taken to jail.


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Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign reporter covering wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His latest books are Death of the Liberal Class, and The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.


OWS takes Trinity Church property at Duarte Plaza

on Dec 17, 2011


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Occupy Bishop arrested, wife beaten…

on Dec 22, 2011

Retired Bishop George E. Packard & his wife, Brook Packard join Thom Hartmann. Last weekend – patriots with the movement attempted to set up a new occupation in New York City – near Trinity Church – one of the oldest churches in the city. But that effort was blocked – when the church refused to give sanctuary to the movement – and the NYPD moved in. Bishop Packard and his wife Brook Packard – who was also on hand for last week’s demonstrations – join me now from our studios in New York to talk about what happened to them – and what’s in store for the movement in the future.


Occupy Wall St. Targets Trinity Church

on Dec 20, 2011

50 arrested as Occupy protests at the “church of the 1%”

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16 thoughts on “The People’s Bishop by Chris Hedges + 50 arrested as Occupy protests at the “church of the 1%”

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  7. I just don’t get this. Because a guy becomes a bishop and is tortured by guilt it is really OK as he is making “amends” for his psychopathic criminal behaviour in the past. Nice guy. Patriot. It is he who is the victim not the people who suffered and died. What??!! How do you square that. Have we all taken leave of our senses? Atrocity is everywhere but it’s just fine if you’re American and are sorry for what you did. This is sick and sickening. For Gods’s sake get real.

    • D — ”judge not lest you be not judged. for in the same way that you judge you will be judged ”. Listen to you David . Ever heard of a thing called forgiveness? Tell me this , who has lived such a blameless life that they have no need for forgiveness?
      are you like the pouting older brother that is angry when the prodigal son comes home ? sheeeesh !

      ”He who is without sin cast the first stone ”. it is those that cast the stones that are sickening , not the person who goes and sins no more . if a man acts on warranted guilt he is living up to his conscience. what else can one ask of a man ? are you gonna condemn him ? who made you judge and jury ?

      For God’s sake get real …you say . For God’s sake this is as real as it gets…A CHANGED LIFE. you want to throw rocks at the guy ? if the God who is love forgives him, who are you not to forgive him ?

      what holds people back from conversion is SELF righteousness . you think that you are better in God’s sight than this man is ? if so , then Christ died in vain ..and we are all stuck with the folly and destructiveness of judging each other instead of loving the prodigal . ..and this planet is doomed .

      • Rocket I was expecting this. By the way I just posted a reply to your Irish 4th estate comment.
        OK. let’s get this straight. I’m not judging this man, he is judging himself and nobody has the right to do so but him. My issue is with the apologetic tone of Chris Hedges’ article. Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I admire Mr Hedges’ sincerity and the power of his rhetoric. I think he is one important voice in the USA who should be heeded. On the whole I find myself agreeing with his Socratic position & I respect his passionate integrity. His moral rigour rings true with me. My point about the bishop is this: the guy regrets what he did, but why the hell did he do it? As for forgiveness, that is a deeply misunderstood concept. The dead do not forgive, they are DEAD. Sorry pal, I made a mistake, OK, but I’m DEAD. How many have died in Iraq, never mind the utter horror of Vietnam? Is it enough to “regret” an error of judgement? The victim only dies (in agony) once. The perpetrator can die ten thousand times. Tough baby. You did it, you own it, so please spare me the patronising sophistry. Be responsible, be a man, and you’ll be respected but forget the pleas for special exemption because you had a change of heart. You’ve changed your life ~ hey, fantastic! But does that erase the pain of this world of destructive insanity? I think not. What are you going to do about it? That is your real business (and I mean anyone) and maybe you can do something truly great. But please quit the apologetics, it is a serious moral deficiency. Stand up, be counted on your own account, not because you’re collecting brownie points…for whom?

        • David –as a life long anti war guy we can agree up to a point . But where you and i differ is that my life was really changed , and i see thru SELF righteousness.

          One of the reasons why St. Paul was such a fanatic is because before his conversion he was a persecutor of those in the faith . To understand the complexity of Paul is to get a glimpse into this article .

          recently i was wondering why the book of Philemon was canonized in the NT. i mean it is just a little one page letter from Paul just before his death . it is one of the 7 letters out of many that ALL scholars agree was not forged. but why put it in there with all that other juicy stuff he wrote.

          then it hit me : it is not what he is saying in this personal letter to one person , but the way –the tone if you will which he is saying it . then i started looking back at the trajectory of his life as we know it ( Paul was a known quantity in the Ancient world ) ….. from killer , persecutor , self righteous religious fanatic , to stubborn convert …to zealot for the good news .. and in the end the tone of LOVE oozing from a letter about setting a slave free. . .. a template was formed before my very eyes.

          ”He who has been forgiven much loves much ” Christ said . manning up to ones responsibility is to admit one did wrong … believe in divine mercy, grieve , and then practice tikkun ( repair ) toward others.

          as far as apologetics in action –that is part of the gig . one must seek reparation to the families of those he killed. we both love Hedges. be it Hedges or this bishop , rest assure those pro war people on the religious right hate these guys . i dont think you want to be on their side on this issue . LOL .

        • Thank you for this thoughtful insight. What you say reminds me of the legend of Emperor Ashoka, whose famous edicts we might benefit from being reminded of today…

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  9. now that is living out the gospel of Christ . The Berrigan Brothers are alive and well !

  10. Let the Vets lead US into Potemkin REBELLION; all we 100K To MILLIONS of un/deremployed in our metro/megalopolis’, as well as the 2 MILLION wage-frozen, overtaxed federal public servants to overwhelm the 1% and their porcine protectors In OUR $TREET$!

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