NDAA: A Victory for All of Us by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
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May 18, 2012

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In January, attorneys Carl Mayer and Bruce Afran asked me to be the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that challenged the harsh provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). We filed the lawsuit, worked for hours on the affidavits, carried out the tedious depositions, prepared the case and went to trial because we did not want to be passive in the face of another egregious assault on basic civil liberties, because resistance is a moral imperative, and because, at the very least, we hoped we could draw attention to the injustice of the law. None of us thought we would win. But every once in a while the gods smile on the damned.

U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest, in a 68-page opinion, ruled Wednesday that Section 1021 of the NDAA was unconstitutional. It was a stunning and monumental victory.


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Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign reporter covering wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His latest books are Death of the Liberal Classand The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.


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9 thoughts on “NDAA: A Victory for All of Us by Chris Hedges

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  5. I was remiss not to congratulate all concerned, a victory indeed and a significant precedent. I was responding to C.H.’s last paragraph as it is so close to home, not being a US citizen. I have four serious questions: can we imagine a constitutionally vibrant world free from the curse of Goldman-Sachs & co.’s hegemonic corruption? If so, what will it be like ~ would it resemble Ross Jackson’s sovereign commonwealth, organised around Ellen Brown’s local banks? Do we really understand China, Asia, Africa and the Arab world in sufficient terms? And why doesn’t anyone discuss Lester Brown’s “Plan B?”

  6. Indeed, simply individually and communally secede INTO The CONSTITUTION (it’s black and white) AGAINST the Obamabrogators Of IT.

  7. Chris Hedges, Carl Mayer, Bruce Afran and their entire team of brave men and women are to be congratulated on their victory over the establishment might of NDAA and the cruel world of warmongers.

    US District Judge Katherine Forrest was gifted her decision by the state forces of torture and mayhem when they refused to guarantee basic human rights to the citizens who challenge such naked savagery.
    Is it theirs to grant, have these people ever heard of the Constitution, what planet?

    The arrogance of power unrestrained is reflected in their refusal to recognise US citizen’s ( fellow Americans) basic rights of free speech and the right to challenge any unjust legal orders etc.

    This is the legacy of knee jerk reactions to 9/11 when an illusion was created. That illusion of one nation possessing the power to destroy all disent, all challenge to the mighty USA. Illusions of omnipotence is the ultimate weakness.

    The Fourth Estate must challenge power in society at every level

  8. Although Europe is clearly guilty of default malpractice, deep-seated corruption and gross mismanagement, if Goldman-Sachs is indeed “burning down” Greece to bolster its dollar hegemony, then G-S should be taken out of the equation. “Drone diplomacy” may be the American way, but it is not the only way.

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