Israeli Comptroller Confirms Mistakes Were Made Regarding the Mavi Marmara Flotilla Raid by Dennis Kucinich + Israeli navy attacks Oliva human rights boat

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by Dennis Kucinich
Washington D.C.
June 14, 2012


Image by Cau Napoli via Flickr

A report by the Israeli state comptroller criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his handling of the commando raid on the Mavi Marmara in 2010, which resulted in the death of nine people. The report found that Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to heed multiple warnings from top officials in his government that militarily enforcing the blockade on Gaza could result in violence. Congressman Kucinich personally wrote to the Israeli Ambassador on May 26, 2010, 5 days before the raid, urging him to “take the necessary measures to alert [the Israeli] government of the mission of this ship.”

The report also criticized the Israeli government’s response to the raid. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement.

“Inadequate preparation and consideration at the highest levels of government resulted in the deaths of nine innocent civilians and fractured the relationship between two of the most important allies in the region, Israel and Turkey. It was immediately clear that the deadly raid was not in the best interests of the State of Israel. In the aftermath of the raid, I facilitated a critical and timely dialogue in an emergency Member’s meeting with the Turkish Ambassador on the importance of protecting the Turkish-Israeli relationship based on the strong belief that Israel’s security can be best secured through peace with its neighbors. I urge Israel to recognize mistakes and to begin to rebuild their important relationship with Turkey.

“The report comes at an important time and should be cause for reflection in light of widespread reports that Israel is preparing for a potential attack on Iran, despite warnings from top Israeli and U.S. intelligence officials. The United States must act as a true friend and ally, dedicated to the long-term security of Israel, by ensuring that diplomatic efforts to over Iran’s nuclear program succeed. True, long-term stability and security for Israel is fully depending on peace with its neighbors. Violence and bloodshed would undermine Israel’s security.”


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Jun 15, 2012 by

The Israeli navy attacks the Gaza-based ‘Oliva’ human rights monitoring boat with a water cannon and chases them into the Israeli-imposed ‘buffer zone’. They then tell the crew and captain to stand at the front of the boat to be ‘arrested’ because they had crossed into the no-go zone.

Israeli navy attacks Oliva human rights boat


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