Why The Yes Men Crashed the TPP Negotiations + TPP opening the back door for SOPA? + TPP: NAFTA on steroids?


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Updated: July 5, 2012; added an article.

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Why The Yes Men Crashed the TPP Negotiations


TPP opening the back door for SOPA?

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called NAFTA on steroids. The TPP is an alliance of nine countries including the US, and is believed that the organization is secretly creating policy behind closed doors. Critics believe this group is giving corporations an outlet to overwrite American laws. Some of the organization’s documents have leaked and it seems that Internet freedom is something the TPP has on its radar. Lori Wallach, director for Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, joins us with more.


Lori Wallach on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Secret

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:

Lori Wallach, from Public Citizen, on the secret negotiations of the far-reaching Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement. Globalization on steroids — and you’re not supposed to know about it.


TPP: NAFTA on steroids?

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an international agreement between nine countries and it has received a lot of heavy criticism due to the talks of the organization being held in complete secrecy. On Tuesday, the thirteenth round of talks between countries like Chile, Australia, New Zealand and the US took place in San Diego, CA. Critics believe the negotiations created behind closed doors will only cause problems with food safety among other things. Mike Bonanno from Yes Men joins us with his take on the TPP.


Action Alert!


Tell the Obama administration and U.S. negotiators to make trade policy work for working families. Sign the petition today!

Our U.S. trade team is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA). This would be the biggest trade agreement in U.S. history. If not done right, it could lead to more U.S. jobs being outsourced, the erosion of workers’ rights and Buy America provisions, and undermining of U.S. environmental and consumer safety protections.

We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of past trade policy.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on you to ensure the TPP FTA:

1. Creates jobs in the United States and does not promote offshoring;

2. Improves working conditions and strengthens workers’ rights at home and abroad;

3. Allows governments to prioritize spending taxpayer funds locally; and

4. Protects the rights of sovereign governments to make policies in the public interest, including policies with respect to clean air and water, affordable medicines and food safety.

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Propaganda Alert!

President Obama Speaks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

on Nov 12, 2011

President Obama speaks with leaders of Pacific nations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and trade agreement. November 12, 2011.



by Mark Vorpahl
July 4, 2012

During the week of July 1st to 7th an international cabal of corporate lobbyists will be meeting behind closed doors in San Diego. Their aim is moving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards completion. For over two years TPP negotiations have been in process, yet the proposals and agreements made so far have been carefully kept from public view, until recently.

A leaked TPP document, published at Public Citizen, has revealed what the 600 corporate advisers involved in the negotiations, including representatives from Verizon, FedEx, and Walmart, have been up to. Considering the contents of this document, it is no wonder why the public and even elected representatives have been kept in the dark.


via The Trans-Pacific Partnership: An Extremist 1% Global Attack | WorkersCompass.org | Published by Workers Action