Cindy Sheehan: Nobody Wants Their Children To Live In a World Like This

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August 7, 2012

Cindy Sheehan at San Francisco Rally

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Aug 7, 2012 by

Cindy Sheehan speaks at Ground Zero Center for Non-violence event “Inconvenient Truth” on August 5, 2012. Sheehan was detained with 15 others the next morning at the front gate to the Bangor Kitsap Naval Base just 20 miles west of Seattle. The Naval base serves about a dozen Trident ballistic missile submarines and probably the worlds largest stockpile of nuclear warheads whose purpose is to destroy large cities.

Cindy Sheehan at Ground Zero Center for Non-violence, August 5,


Aug 7, 2012 by

Barr/Sheehan 2012.

Cindy Sheehan On The Karel Show – 8/7/2012


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VP Candidate, Cindy Sheehan and 15 others, arrested protesting nukes at Bangor Trident Sub Base

5 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan: Nobody Wants Their Children To Live In a World Like This

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  3. Evidently Bernard Lewis missed Dr Strangelove. The chorus of the righteous agrees with his considered verdict, the doctrine that the great and the good should have deep misgivings about radiologically empowered Ayatollahs and Mullahs threatening the end of Zionism. But what about multiply nuclear-armed right-wing “christian” fundamentalists and “orthodox” extremists who preach Armageddon and the Second Coming? Are these guys (‘n gals) clinically any saner? Seems to me the lunatics are brandishing apocalypse, like it’s cotton candy…be very afraid.

    • David , the trouble is is that self righteousness is on both sides of that religious coin , and also comes from the secular critics too…. ( sound familiar?)

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