Portland’s Backyard Fruit – From Waste to Feast

Dandelion Salad

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Image by wintersoul1 via Flickr

Aug 12, 2012 by

Peak Moment 217: “We look forward to a time when we’re really able to harvest all of the fruit trees in the city that aren’t being fully utilized,” envisions Katy Kolker, founder and executive director of Portland Fruit Tree Project. Volunteer groups harvest trees whose fruit would otherwise go to waste. Half of the fruit goes to neighborhood food banks, and the remainder goes home with the volunteers. Tree Care workshops offered to the public cover pruning, thinning and pest and disease control. They also train Tree Care Teams who adopt clusters of fruit trees in a neighborhood. From harvesting 8000 pounds of fruit in 2008 to three times that in 2010, this growing project is bearing fruit and benefiting thousands. [portlandfruit.org]

Portland’s Backyard Fruit – From Waste to Feast


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