Chatting with Chomsky — The Occupy Movement by Sebastian Meyer + Chomsky: Obama is Worse

Dandelion Salad

An interview with Noam Chomsky

by Sebastian Meyer
August 14, 2012

 Madondo's Occupy Ottawa Experience 2

Image by Obiemad via Flickr


The social movement of the day camps at public spaces and calls itself Occupy. You’ve called it the first major popular response to 30 years of class war in the United States. What do you think has Occupy achieved so far?

It achieved a lot, in two aspects. It very significantly affected public sensibility and public discourse. The imagery of the one percent versus the 99 percent, that’s spread over right through the mainstream, that’s now standard discourse. And that’s not insignificant. It brings to public attention the massive inequality and the striking maldistribution of power. Continue reading