OWS: Code Pink Members Arrested + NYPD Using Snatch and Grab To Arrest Peaceful Protesters

#NYPD arrests woman for holding up bra on sidewalk #BofA also @raeabileah #codepink #ows #s17

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CoDirector Rae Abileah arrested during a Bra toss outside of Bank of America in NYC. The police arrested her for “blocking a sidewalk” on the corner of Washington Place and W 14th street. They targeted her and arrested her for standing up against Big Banks.

For more info on Rae and CODEPINK check out CODEPINK.org

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CODEPINK CoDirector Rae Abileah arrested in NYC #S17NYC #OWS #BUSTUPBOA


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Sep. 16, 2012: At around 11am, a march of several hundred persons opposing the Spectra Pipeline and hydrofracking converge with members of Code Pink in front of a Bank of America branch near Union Square to “Bust Up the Banks.” As members of Code Pink try and “bust up” Bank of America—by throwing brassieres at the institution—the NYPD intervenes, ripping bras out of women’s hands and arresting at least two Code Pink members.

NYPD arrests Code Pink members, “Bust Up the Banks!” NYC, #S16, #OWS


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Sep. 16, 2012: From 10am to 1pm, hundreds of protesters in opposition to the Spectra Pipeline and hydrofracking marched with Occupy the Pipeline through the West Village to Union Square, and from there down Broadway to Foley Square. The action was part of the larger Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Convergence in New York City celebrating Occupy Wall Street’s one-year anniversary.
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Occupy the Pipeline, #S16, #OWS


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500 or more Occupy revelers march from Washington Square Park to their former home in Zucotti to kick off the Occupied Anniversary Party. 26 were arrested mostly through snatch and grab terrorist tactics. Those arrested had done nothing wrong, were walking peacefully on the sidewalk with their friends. Squads of terrorists pushed through the peaceful crowd to man handle and steal people.

#OWS S15 Pedestrian Bloc


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