Killing Bees: Are Government and Industry Responsible? + Hope for bees — 48 hours to act!

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Honey bees, the essential pollinators of many major US crops, have been dying off in massive numbers since 2006. This threatens the American agricultural system and the one in twelve American jobs that depends on it. There is growing evidence that a new class of pesticides — nerve toxins called neonicotinoids, which are used on most US crops including almost all corn — may be toxic to bees. The Environmental Protection Agency allowed neonicotinoids on the market without adequate tests to determine their toxicity to bees. Environmentalists want neonicotinoids banned until needed safety tests are done. While the US government is slow to act and neonicotinoid sales reap billions for the chemical industry, bees continue to die. Earth Focus reports.

Earth Focus is an environmental news magazine that puts a human face on the environment by featuring under-publicized stories about how changes in our environment are affecting everyday people.

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Killing Bees: Are Government and Industry Responsible?


Updated Sept. 24, 2012

Hope for bees — 48 hours to act!

A pesticide called Clothianidin is potentially killing bees and threatening our food supply. An EPA consultation on whether to suspend the use of these toxic pesticides close on Tuesday. Let’s seize this opportunity to save the bees and flood the EPA with public support to stop these pesticides! Send an urgent message to the EPA now using the form on the right — below are some suggestions on what to say:




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  4. My inserted comments on Petition: “If we fail to save bees by banning toxic pesticides, we are effectively committing suicide, along with genocide, ecocide, and homicide. EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency NOT CCPA Chemical Company Protection Agency. Isn’t it about time this Agency does what it is employed to and what its name clearly describes?”

  5. EPA and USDA should be sued for gross human and animal health negligence, ecological irresponsibility and professional incompetence…

  6. I love bees, we should all appreciate just how dependent we are on their natural instinct to ensure our horticultural crops are pollinated. It’s pretty simple really, no bees ~ no humans.

    This is not about our best friends the bees, but it does ring alarm bells about the loss of indigenous cultures and just how destructive hyper-organised systems of control have become. I’m sure Lo will relate to this:

    “Mustang, or Lo, as locals call it, is an ancient Tibetan kingdom that is now part of Nepal.”

  7. I like this blog. I think the bee problem is a combination of agricultural monocropping and insecticides. My colony of bees which I keep in my suburb garden is going great. My colony on a farm has collapsed! 😦

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