Noam Chomsky: The Emerging World Order: Its Roots, Our Legacy

Noam Chomsky - hinsides statssosialismen

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with Noam Chomsky

Sep 19, 2012 by SISSAschool

On September 17, 2012, Noam Chomsky held a public lecture with the title “The Emerging World Order: its roots, our legacy” at Politeama Rossetti in Trieste.

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  4. An invaluable history lesson from the inimitable Professor Chomsky.

    Four very big questions arise.

    Number one: global security. If the threat of nuclear ordnance in the form of radiological weaponry is to be held fast and a process of elimination engaged, how can this proceed when Israel refuses to comply and sets an anarchic precedent for all rogue states. Does Israel demonstrate the futility of a world run by committees?

    2. The energy complex. Directly implicated in the above Who should control/direct the energy of the world, and to what end? What are the real environmental and humanitarian consequences of uranium mining for example, the heavy end of the periodic table?

    3. What of the “precarious” science supporting a de facto plutonomy and those vested private interests underwriting public science. Who determines what science/intelligence qualifies as legitimate, and what socio-political structures can we identify as directly determined by this process?

    4. Science clearly confers architectures and hierarchies of knowledge. How can the political hegemonic world order be fixed, when the symbolic logic of science is constantly evolving? Can biology as an ecological discipline rule the world? If so, what are the implications?

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