Organic Farmers Beat US Droughts

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Sep 30, 2012 by

The recent drought in the United States has damaged crops and driven up food prices.

However, organic farmers say that they have fared better, thanks to alternative growing methods.

Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports from Ottawa, Illiois.

Organic farmers beat US droughts


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One thought on “Organic Farmers Beat US Droughts

  1. How true! Think of the US military budget ~ what if it was channelled into global conservation efforts, like ocean health, restoring old growth forests, ensuring that species thrive, investing massively in non-destructive ecological permaculture, horticulture and sustainable farms, urban transition initiatives, renewable energy systems, waste cycling, worker participation and stakeholder businesses, education for biodiversity, regional banks….the list goes on and on.
    We could get an exponentially bigger bang for our buck if only our political bucksters would bank on living “indigenous” sense and abandon “free-market” consumer obsessed nonsense!
    What does it take for people to understand the true meaning of security? We can fight all the wars in the world, but if the end-game is a vast dead ocean, planetary deserts and a resource mountain in ruins mantled by poisoned air, those abundant means have failed abysmally and all the glory and glamour mean absolutely nothing ~ just one big, dead zero.

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