Green Festival: Ralph Nader: We Are An Advanced Third World Country

The future of American elections

Image by Cory M. Grenier via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Ralph Nader

Oct 1, 2012 by

Ralph Nader Green Festival Washington DC 09-30-2012

[Ralph Nader begins at 4:14 mins into the video.]

Ralph Nader Green Festival Washington DC 09-30-2012 Part 1




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7 thoughts on “Green Festival: Ralph Nader: We Are An Advanced Third World Country

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  7. Great steam from the irrepressible Mr Nader. Pimped “full metal” congressional jackets, brilliant! Taxing “what we burn, what we bet” excellent plan. Innovation, real solutions. “Displacement economics, great. Co-ops. Vote with your wallet, local currencies, community enterprise. Participatory politics. Town jesters! Corporations off welfare! Banish trivia. An accountable congress! Where does it have to begin? At home for those who actually have one, with real education. Genius loci. We’ve got to re-conceptualise learning for living, not for loafing & lying. Instead of going to school to learn how to steal and graduate as jail-bait for bullies, figure out how to think as a human being!! What a revolutionary idea. Just look around, and improve things! It’s not just the money, what about initiative? Ingenuity? Curiosity? Meaningful reflection. We need to rethink life itself. Where’s the big disconnect? It’s where the parasitic top-down view completely elides the bottom-up aspiration of the greater population. These are different, incommensurable worlds. Nature teaches us that symbiosis works, we just need to try it in new ways. No more excuses, forget about drones and loans. Debt = death. The solution is infinite credit, human resources, an unrestricted life!

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