The Internet Connection is Now Working Again by Lo

Dandelion Salad

Beautiful Fall Day

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

by Lo
Oct. 23, 2012

The Internet connection is now working again.

It was sporadic service from last Tues to Sat, then a serviceman came to fix it on Sat and made it worse, believe or not.

Made another appointment with another serviceman and he replaced the cable line to the utility pole and replaced the modem. And it’s up and running again.

Thanks everyone for your patience as I attempt to get somewhat caught up in the postings.

The photo is one I took in the neighborhood park last Tuesday. More Fall pictures.



4 thoughts on “The Internet Connection is Now Working Again by Lo

  1. I got rid of my cable connection as well and here in NYC without it you have no reception whatsoever. I must say I don’t miss it at all. I have not watched the debates except on Democracy Now or RT where the third party candidates are allowed to speak. What a mess. Our corporate duopoly does not serve we the people at all. Thanks Lo for all you do and I’m glad you’re back up and running.

    • Thanks, Jill. Same here: no TV reception without cable or having to buy a new TV set. I turned off my TV in 2003, I think. The Internet connection is through the cable TV company that charges me extra for not signing up for cable TV, unfortunately.

      All of the debates are archived on C-SPAN, so there is no need to have to watch via the TV set as well as Democracy Now!, and Youtube videos.

  2. Great photo, Lo! I’m glad that you were able to get the Internet up and running again. I’m still waiting to get it installed at my house here in Kuala Lumpur. I eat breakfast every morning before walking into work at the Indian mama near me (an open-air restaurant with a tandoori oven and at least six Indian-Malaysian wait staff 24/7), and that’s where I do most of my communication on the Internet. I always have Nescafe to drink and roti telur (a Malaysian egg and bread dish made on the grill which is the BEST breakfast I’ve ever eaten.) I’m happy to be out of the presidential campaign mind control efforts. I keep having a fantasy that neither Obama or Romney actually becomes president; that something happens which puts someone else entirely different in office who surprises everyone.

    • Thanks, Ariel. Your breakfast sounds delicious. Good that you do have somewhere to log on to the Internet close to your house. I don’t have cable TV and don’t bother turning the local TV stations on so have been spared the election commercials, too, fortunately.

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