Third Party Presidential Debate Moderated by Larry King

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Third Party candidate debate pre-show analysis

Oct 23, 2012 by RTAmerica


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Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson all squared off Tuesday night from Chicago, Illinois as RT hosted the 2012 Third-Party Presidential Debate. Thom Hartmann, host of RT’s The Big Picture, weighed in on the event live from the scene and interviewed the evening’s stars while Breaking the Set host Abby Martin and RT America producer Adriana Usero shared their thoughts about why third parties need a platform before Election Day with Liz Wahl.

Third Party Presidential Debate Moderated by Larry King

Oct 23, 2012 by

In response to widespread blackout from both the mainstream media and political establishment alike, RT is honored to be presenting a platform for the major third-party candidates also vying for the White House this election year to debate. We offered the event live in cooperation with the debate’s organizers, the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

The event was moderated by multi-award winning broadcast journalist Larry King and was broadcasted live from Chicago, Illinois. Thom Hartmann, the star of RT’s The Big Picture and noted radio host, was one of a few select journalists hand-picked to hit the candidates with questions about their campaign.

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10 thoughts on “Third Party Presidential Debate Moderated by Larry King

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  2. Major kudos to Jill Stein for getting arrested at those phony Dem/Repub debates. Having worked for 3 Campaigns for Nader for Prez , this year i was torn between the Libertarian Johnson and the Consitutionalist Goode . looking at both platforms , and both men , i am going to go with the Consitutionalist party , but i think that the Libertarian party and the Greens need to be made strong also.

    this debate is an indication that 3rd partys are the future of America. Nobody i have met really wants to vote Dem Or Repub , they are just voting out of fear for the other . another thing is that for the first time in debates in the last 50 years ( other than Anderson ) we have actually people that have run for office at the top of the tickets ….; Johnson former governor , and Goode ..former congressman . they know that they are not burning bridges , because they know that the wind is blowing 3rd partys with the voters disgust of the 2 major partys .

  3. What freedom there is in US of A.

    Citizens have to rely on Russian TV to experience democratic practices at work. To hear presidential candidates standing for election in the land of the …free.

    And this is being packaged for Iraq and Afganistan?

    Will they notice any changes in their existences.

  4. king is an old man and I just cannot stand him.
    Compared to the excellence of Amy Goodman’s interviews,
    the old man fails.
    G.E. Matthews

    • Georgianne, did you not hear the part about all the questions were submitted by people, not Larry King?

      Calling him an “old man” and then stating you don’t like him, is totally meaningless and name calling. It’s prejudice against someone because of how old they happen to be.

  5. Thank you for this.
    That other 2-party debate was the epitome of ‘new boss same as old boss’ & vice-versa.
    While i want to like Jill, did like Gary, but Rocky wins.
    Justice Party, hmmm, good idea. Now i have someone to vote for.
    (Darn, just registered in MA where he did not ‘qualify’.
    Wow, I really wanna vote yet have nobody to vote for president! At least we can vote yes on question 3)

    • JS, we need to see who is on our ballots, then choose from one of those, or choose not to vote in the presidential race. In my state, Stein is a write-in candidate, Gary Johnson and V. Goode are on the ballot. Choosing any of the third party candidates is a vote against the status quo. Saying you have “nobody” to vote for isn’t quite true.

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