The Stimulator: Countdown to Armageddon

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Oct 18, 2012 by stimulator

This week:

2. 2012 hottest year ever
3. Romney’s and Obama’s pipe dreams
4. Keystone Xl Blockade in Texas
5. Benjamin Netanyahu’s coke problem
6. Nobel War Prize
7. Spanish loot supermarkets
8. Parliament surrounded in Madrid
9. Molotov cocktails party in Athens
10. Savage Fam
11. Will Potter’s “Green is the New Red”

Other music this week by: Jane’s Addiction, D¡staudio, Dr. Dre, System of a Down and Ted Nugent?

Support all political prisoners:

Eric McDavid
Cleveland 4
Grand Jury Resisters
Shac 7

Countdown to Armageddon


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