Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: If There Was Ever A Wake-up Call, This Is It

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Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street 9

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Oct 29, 2012 by

Much of the East Coast is shut down today as residents prepare for Hurricane Sandy, a massive storm that could impact up to 50 million people from the Carolinas to Boston. The storm has already killed 66 people in the Caribbean where it battered Haiti and Cuba. Continue reading

Why I’m still not voting for Obama by Todd Chretien

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Obama in Oakland-14

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by Todd Chretien
October 29, 2012

Does Barack Obama deserve the votes of activists and radicals?

FOUR YEARS ago, I wrote an article for Socialist Worker titled “Why I’m Not Voting For Obama.” The atmosphere in which President Barack Obama is running for reelection could not be more different from the high hopes and expectations that surrounded his 2008 campaign. But I believe socialists and the left must take the same attitude to this election.

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What’s wrong with lesser evilism

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October 24, 2012

Those who advocate a vote for the “lesser evil” hope to defeat the “greater evil” of the right wing–but they enable the Democrats to shift further right themselves.

DOES BARACK Obama deserve your vote? That’s the question people on the left should be asking as Election Day approaches.

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Noam Chomsky: Elections Are A Public Relations Operation

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Media and Obama

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with Noam Chomsky

Oct 23, 2012 by

Noam Chomsky’s acceptance speech upon receiving the inaugural People Before Profits Award from the Center for Popular Economics on September 27, 2012. He discusses the dysfunctional election and media systems that contribute to the maintenance of a closed and rigged government advancing the agendas of corporations and the wealthy.

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Ch. 12: The Split: Differences over Israel tear apart a Jewish marriage by William T. Hathaway

by William T. Hathaway
Guest Writer
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October 29, 2012

Jews Against The War

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The Split: Differences over Israel tear apart a Jewish marriage
From the Book
RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War
By William T. Hathaway
Published by Trine Day

Stan and Hannah Cooper are friends of mine from college days. Both are Jewish, but they have diametrically opposed views about Israel, and their differences have become so bitter that they’ve decided to divorce. As the three of us talked about this, it became clear that their dispute is a microcosm of the conflict that is tearing the Jewish community apart and also destroying lives in an increasingly large part of the world.

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