Ralph Nader: Obama–Prosecutor, Judge, Jury, Executioner and Cover-upper

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with Ralph Nader

Nov 1, 2012 by

Thom sits down with former presidential candidate Ralph Nader for an extended interview about the 2012 election, and with journalist and author Thomas Frank on our country’s subservience to the billionaire class. In tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom looks at how Republicans are planning to steal the election by disenfranchising voters in Ohio.

Full Show 11/1/12: Ralph Nader on 2012 Election


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16 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Obama–Prosecutor, Judge, Jury, Executioner and Cover-upper

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  16. Ralph Nader is not one of the I%:

    ” Ralph Nader former failed Presidential candidate.”

    An important distinction?

    Mr Nader has a great reputation as champion of the American consumer with many impressive achievements?

    Failing to become President is not his greatest moment.

    Except maybe to highlight how lack of billionaire funding ensures failure in US Democracy. He is not one of the… I%.

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