Will Superstorm Sandy Break The Silence on Climate Change?

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Nov. 2, 2012

Times Square Connect the Dots action before Hurricane Sandy

Image by Adam Welz @ 350.org via Flickr

As of Nov. 2, the toll from Hurricane Sandy, the huge storm that ravaged the Caribbean and then cut a swath from the mid-Atlantic states all the way up into Canada, is reported to be 67 people killed in the Caribbean and 95 people dead in  the U.S., including 44 in the New York City area.

Millions are still without power, and the damage is reckoned at many tens of billions of dollars. No numbers have been put on personal losses of the masses of people in terms of their homes, cars, household possessions, lost wages, lost jobs, let alone irreplaceable personal items of precious, lifetime, sentimental value.

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Dennis Kucinich: End The Childhood Obesity Subsidy

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Nov 2, 2012 by

Summer 2009: Juliet Tomatoes

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

“Did you know that YOU are paying to promote the childhood obesity epidemic?

“Let me explain. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress — with your tax dollars — subsidizes the marketing efforts of fast food and junk food companies by as much as $19 billion dollars over ten years. And the way the federal funding system works is that if we give a tax break in one place, we need to replace that lost income from somewhere else, like with higher taxes from the rest of us. In other words, this tax break is a massive subsidy for the junk food and fast food industry. And our children are paying pay for it with their health.

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