Ralph Nader: Both Parties, Two Heads of Same Corporate Beast

Right and Left Wings of the Same Bird of Prey

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with Ralph Nader

Nov 2, 2012 by

Abby Martin talks to author and former US Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader, about the US electoral system and breaking out of the “lesser of two evils” mentality.

Ralph Nader: Both Parties, Two Heads of Same Corporate Beast


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11 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Both Parties, Two Heads of Same Corporate Beast

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  4. Indeed.

    But all that said, and tho I’m no democrat, I was impressed this time by the electorate who did prevail despite the squandering of billions by plutocrats on negative ads. Neither platform was acceptable but one outspent the other 3:1 & it didn’t work. So the cynical idea that the electorate can be bought is disproved. That gave me some small glimmer of admiration for the populace.

    But the squanderingof $3bil. cash on bs & lies, when they could have bailed out the horn of Africa for that sum, shows that America is the beautiful but the USA sucks.

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