Occupy Sandy: There Is Endless Need Out Here; Bodies Still Being Recovered

Rockaway Beach Occupy Sandy

Image by LittleBill via Flickr

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Interview conducted by Renée Renata Bergan.

Bobby of Occupy Sandy in Far Rockaway


Occupy Sandy Home Base, on Rockaway Beach Boulevard at Beach 113th Street, Rockaway Park, Queens

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Josh from Greenpeace gives the low down on the way greenpeace is helping to build a strong community hub for disaster recovery in Far Rockaway.

Greenpeace joins Occupy Sandy NYC


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Rockaway residents reflect, recover and rebuild community after Hurricane Sandy brings destruction and chaos to the beachfront neighborhood.

Rockaway Sandy Devastation and Recovery



Image by Occupy Sandy via Flickr

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Occupy Sandy is collaborating with the community of Far Rockaway to bring medical aid to those in need of it.

Occupy Sandy Far Rockaway YANA Medical Clinic


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Thousands of people in NYC are living without heat and power with little support from government agencies. To fill the void, people are organizing to meet the basic needs of residents in the disaster’s aftermath.

Brooklyn and Queens Residents Organize Their Own Response to Sandy as Many Wait for Relief


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