What Is The Rolling Jubilee? + OWS Bails Out The 99 Percent

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Strike Debt burning debt at Occupy Wall Street S17 Anniversary Concert in Foley Square

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Nov 7, 2012 by


We need a jubilee, a clean slate, a cancellation of debt for the 99%.

The Rolling Jubilee raises money to buy debt. But instead of collecting on the debt we buy, we’re going to abolish it. It’s time for a bailout of the people, by the people.

What Is The Rolling Jubilee?


Nov 12, 2012 by

All across the US, Americans are finding it more difficult to pay their debts, but members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have come up with a solution to absolve people of their credit woes. The new program called “Rolling Jubilee” plans to raise money to buy off debt and simply forgive it. Anastasia Churkina and Lauren Lyster bring us the latest from OWS.

OWS bails out the 99 percent


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