John Pilger: The Media–Censorship By Omission


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Nov 18, 2012 by

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4 thoughts on “John Pilger: The Media–Censorship By Omission

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  4. John Pilger is a superb communicator. I totally agree, when you see the world from the ground up, it’s such a different story than from the false vantage point of either so-called authority or social privilege. That is why rulers have traditionally employed minions do do the dirty ground-work for them. Of course some of the most cunning will deceive and lie to their masters, until they are found out, but that risk is sometimes worth the gamble in terms of immediate selfish rewards. It’s an all too familiar story. The real question is how we define clarity and objective truth. There is no easy answer, only experience and judgement really count, and the capacity to articulate moral rectitude and live an honest life. When did cynicism become the world’s religion? Why is someone who speaks the plain truth as they understand thought to be a fool?

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